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Once your signs are deployed, Content Player displays your finished design and manages the overall experience. It is a reliable, high-performance product that is the public facing piece of your Visual Communications system. While in operation, player issues and statistics are logged and reported back to Content Manager. Maintenance tasks such as purging unused content, scheduling reboots and powering displays can be all controlled remotely. Content Player will not over-tax your network—meaning you have the capacity to leverage your Visual Communications network throughout your facility on everything from small meeting room signs to large outdoor LED displays.

FWI offers a wide variety of Content Player options and the freedom to select the platform that works best for you. Our Content Players work for: Windows, iOS, Mac and Web. Our Windows, iOS, and Mac versions are native applications that do not require emulators or virtual machines. While using the FWI Web Player, Visual Communications applications can be displayed as HTML in any standard web browser.

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Content players.

FWI provides a wide variety of Content Player options, giving you the flexibility to choose the optimal platform for your solution. Each of our Content Player platforms support a slightly different subset of features:



Content Player for Android is a native application that leverages FWI’s platform with an Android Media Player. This low-cost, highly functional hardware option makes it easy for you to scale your visual communications network, deploying applications to hundreds, or even thousands of screens. When leveraging Content Player for Android, you get:

● A cost effective, scalable solution
● FWI Store app support
● Content caching, enabling offline mode
● Environmentally friendly power consumption
● Remote updating and troubleshooting for internet-connected devices
● Small-form, solid-state hardware solution



Content Player for Chrome™ enables you to utilize a Chromebox™ with FWI’s platform to power your Visual Communications network. This cost effective solution enables scalability to thousands of endpoints across your enterprise. FWI is proud to be included in the Google for Work Partner Program, which combines the functionality of FWI’s software with the reliability and security of Google’s Chrome OS and provides opportunities for business applications across all industries. With Content Player for Chrome, you receive:

● A scalable, low-cost solution
● Seamless integration into your FWI network
● Central deployment and management through Chrome Device Management
● FWI Store app support
● Remote updating via Chrome Store App updates



Our digital signage Content Player for iOS is FWI’s native player that turns your Apple® iPad into a digital sign or interactive kiosk. Because it is a native application, it allows for caching of content items in signs and applications that are being built with FWI’s digital signage content management tools. Our iOS player is currently available for all iPads and iPod devices. You get:

● Content Caching directly to your device
● Native iOS app experience
● Supports interactivity
● Diagnostic information on battery, CPU, disk, storage, screen brightness and guided access status



Content Player for Mac is ideal for FWI’s Visual Communications solution at Mac-only enterprises, allowing you to run FWI’s product suite with any Mac computer. The native Mac OS X application gives you:

● Auto-updates
● Playback status reporting
● Command receiving functionality from Content Manager
● Multiple screen video wall capabilities
● Progressive Jackpots (Gaming)
● Wayfinding



Content Player for Web allows for easy deployment as a browser-ready webpage that is compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices—allowing you to leverage a variety of hardware options. This is a flexible solution using the same management infrastructure as the standard FWI solution and supports all OS platforms. Our Web player has the ability to resize templates or content dynamically to fit a device’s various resolutions. It gives you:

● One to many distribution model – design an application once and deploy it to many endpoints
● Use virtually any hardware that can run an HTML5 supported browser
● Cost efficiency
● No software installation on the playback device
● A simple solution for corporate communications



Our most robust option, FWI’s Windows Content Player allows you to run the full FWI product suite with any Windows-based PC. Features include:

● Live TV support
● Signage desktop and screensaver mode
● Playback status and screenshot reporting
● Multi-channel capabilities
● FWI media player for 4k video playback
● Ability to send commands to other players on your network
● Multi-player sync
● Auto-update
● Command receiving from Content Manager
● Screen control passing to hardware devices
● Multiple screen video wall capabilities
● Support for custom FWI Store plug-ins

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We’re here to help you develop digital signage solutions that drive results.

Contact us with your questions.

We’re here to collaborate and help you develop Visual Communications solutions that drive results.