A More Robust Omnichannel Communications Solution

Reaching a hybrid workforce requires omnichannel communications

To connect with your workforce—wherever they are—your greatest chance of being effective is to employ the right channels for the right audiences. That’s likely why you chose Poppulo in the first place. But after FWI and Poppulo combined, you now have  access to another powerful employee communications channel. Are you ready to see how digital signage can enhance your omni-channel communications strategy?

By Using Poppulo, You Already Get:


Personalized email. You use highly personalized, targeted, and interactive emails to reach your audience with relevant content.


Mobile. The Poppulo mobile app provides access to company information so your employees never miss out on what they need to know.


Data. By using built-in survey tools, you  can encourage two-way communication.

But When You Add in Digital Signage, You Get:

more Robust Communications capabilities

With digital signage throughout your office, you can deploy eye-catching, engaging content that reiterates the key points you're using your other communications channels to promote, better reaching your in-office employees.

Dynamic Control over content

With FWI, you can create and publish customized content within minutes, helping you better reach and communicate with your audience—regardless of which department or location they're in.

Built-in Integrations

Integrate with key business systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange, and SAP to dynamically display data on your signage, automatically keeping your screens fresh.

More Value for Less Effort

Connect with your employees where they are with Poppulo mobile, providing access to company information so your employees never miss out on what they need to know.

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How Other Companies Use Digital Signage

Amid rapid employee growth, Pax 8  sought a way to drive sales productivity, promote its culture, and create an engaging workfplace. The company turned to office digital signage to solve each of those challenges. Here are a few of the ways they use digital signage in their office. To learn how else Pax 8 benefits from office digital signage, check out the case study.

Drive Sales Productivity

Pax 8 maximizes sales team productivity by providing transparent access to key metrics for each
regional sales team, and the company's CRO uses an interactive sales dashboard to track performance.

Promote Culture

By displaying event info, new hire bios, company awards, employee pet photos, and more, Pax 8 uses its employee communications screens to quickly immerse new employees in its culture.

Create a Modern Workplace

With digital signage dedicated to sales performance and employee engagement, Pax 8 uses its screens to keep create a dynamic, engaging, and modern workplace experience.

From the variety of services as well as the custom-built and pre-built applications we’ve leveraged, I couldn’t be happier with the flexibility and scalability of FWI’s platform.


See how Versatile Digital Signage Can Be

Find out how Pax 8 uses digital signage to   to drive productivity and employee engagement with one platform.

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When you’re ready to explore how digital signage fits into a true omni-channel communications strategy, we’re here to help.