Retail Digital Signage

In today’s connected world, customers expect a personalized, engaging, omnichannel in-store experience—and digital shopping signage can make that expectation a reality. With FWI’s retail digital display software, you can easily create the experience that customers expect, plus drive revenue by offering advertising opportunities on in-store digital signage, communicating to employees with back of house digital signage, and showcasing your brand.

Key Reasons to Use In-Store Digital Signage

Retail digital signage offers significant benefits over more traditional methods of in-store marketing, like paper brochures and posters. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using digital shopping signage in your store.


Create an immersive customer experience with retail digital signage to differentiate your store from competitors.


Display targeted promotions and advertising on your in-store digital signage, increasing sell-through on key products.


Promote your brand with eye-catching content on digital shopping signage in your store, increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness.

With FWI’s platform, we have a solid foundation on which to expand, and can easily build whatever we need—whether that’s templatized local content or custom applications.


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Watch How Ferguson Uses its Retail Digital Displays to Drive Revenue

Take a look at how Ferguson leverages its digital shopping signage to drive sales and revenue by selling signage space to their partner network, promoting products that aren’t currently in stores, and more.

Retail Digital Signage Can Help Solve Multiple Challenges

In-store digital signage is the best way to drive promotions, communicate with staff and customers, and create an immersive store experience. Learn how FWI’s retail digital displays can improve your store’s bottom line.

Keep Promotional Content Fresh

Easily update your digital shopping signage to create buyer urgency by highlighting any current promotions, featuring new products or services, or announcing changes to your product line.

Increase Brand Awareness

Create an engaging brand experience by unifying the look and feel throughout your stores and reinforcing your company’s values, philosophy, and personality with retail digital signage.

Create a Modern Customer Experience

The FWI in-store digital signage platform enables you to display the types of relevant, targeted digital content that customers increasingly expect when they enter a store.

FWI delivered a complex, enterprise-grade solution that, at the beginning, nobody even thought was possible—then scaled that solution rapidly.


Benefits of Our Digital Shopping Signage Solution

FWI’s retail digital signage software makes in-store marketing easy and effective, plus adds value to your business. Here’s are some of the benefits of our retail digital display platform.

Improve Customer Engagement

Creating a modern, engaging customer experience is critical to stand out from the competition. The FWI retail digital signage platform makes it easy to engage existing customers and attract new ones by using digital shopping signage to display dynamic, tailored content throughout your store.

Display Localized Content

Deploy localized content at scale on your retail digital displays, improving customer communications and driving additional revenue by featuring promotions, products, services, and other information specific to each store location.

Enterprise Scalability

Our in-store digital signage platform is designed to meet your needs today, plus scale with your business into the future as you expand the number of retail digital displays or applications in your current space or open up new retail locations.

Robust Scheduling

Our digital shopping signage platform includes advanced scheduling capabilities that allow you to manage content across your entire network, giving you the ability to easily display messaging to either customers or employees, depending on the day of the week or time of day.

What Your Retail Digital Display Software Should Provide

Your digital shopping signage solution should be easy to learn how to use, easy to update, easy to scale, and solve multiple pain points for your business. Here’s what your retail digital signage platform should provide.

Guest Experience


Our in-store digital signage platform helps you enhance the customer experience by displaying personalized content, providing updated information to help your customers easily find what they’re looking for, giving your store a modern look and feel.

Employee Comm


The FWI digital shopping signage platform is not only useful for customer-facing marketing, but can also be used to communicate company updates, employee schedules, policy changes, or other relevant information that your employees need to know.

Content Contribution


With FWI Cloud, you can quickly and easily change the content displaying on any retail digital display in your signage network—on-the-fly, from your mobile device.



Generate an additional revenue stream and maximize the ROI from your retail digital signage by selling space on your displays for partners to advertise their products and services.



The FWI platform integrates with your 3rd party systems to automatically update your in-store digital signage with social media feeds, product availability, promotions, and more.



Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve any issues that come up with your digital shopping signage at any time of day.

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Are you ready to start using in-store digital signage to drive additional revenue, easily promote your goods and services, and create a modern, engaging in-store experience for guests and employees? We’re ready to show you how retail digital displays can improve multiple aspects of your business.