Hotel Digital Signage for the Hospitality Industry

You want to engage guests with real-time, accurate information about your property so they are more familiar, more satisfied, and spend more time and money during their stay. After 10+ years of designing purpose-built hotel digital signage solutions for the hospitality industry, we know you need an end-to-end solution for your property. That’s exactly what we provide.

Key Benefits of Using Hospitality Digital Signage Software


Use purpose-built applications to generate additional revenue from your hotel digital signage.


Improve your GSS score by delivering a better, more engaging guest experience.

Drive the right content to every screen across your entire property.

Watch How The Hilton San Francisco Union Square Uses Hotel Digital Signage to Drive Event Bookings and ROI

See how FWI helped the Hilton San Francisco Union Square leverage its hotel digital signage solution to improve the guest experience, win more event business, and create a new revenue stream.

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Improve the Guest Experience with Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

Guests expect easy navigation, a quick and simple booking process, and information at their fingertips. Learn how hospitality digital signage software can help you meet guest expectations and deliver a more personalized, on-brand guest experience.

Display Health & Safety Tips

Safety guidelines are changing on a day-to-day basis, and with the FWI platform, you can quickly and easily update the content on your screens in real-time to ensure your guests have access to the latest information.

Help Guests Find Your Amenities

Use wayfinding lobby digital signage to direct foot traffic to your property's on-site amenities, including restaurants, shopping centers, spas, gyms, and events, keeping guests entertained and driving additional revenue.

Keep Guests Updated about Traffic, Weather, & News

Display dynamic real-time weather, traffic, and local news feeds directly to your lobby digital signage displays, giving your audience the information they need to better plan their stay.

Display Meeting & Event Information

Dynamically display event information on digital lobby signs and meeting room displays in your conference spaces, ensuring that guests know what's happening at your property and where to find their next meeting.

Your Hospitality Digital Signs Can Generate Revenue

After switching to FWI, the Hilton San Francisco’s digital signage has paid for itself several times over—and had a 60% return on investment. Check out the full case study to learn about some of the ways you can drive ROI with hotel digital signage.

Drive Advertising Revenue

Sell advertising space on your hospitality digital signage to your partners and clients, creating an additional revenue stream for your property.

Increase Guest Walletshare

Use your hotel digital signage to promote on-site restaurants, bars, retail, and more to keep guests spending more money at your property.

Win More Event Business

Win over event organizers when they come to your property for the site visit by creating an immersive digital experience tailored for them.

Competition for event business is fierce. The way we’re using FWI’s platform to dynamically personalize signage for incoming site visits gives us a major competitive edge, plus provides an additional revenue stream.


Additional Ways to Use Hospitality Digital Signage Software

Improving the guest experience isn’t the only hotel digital signage solution. Learn how you can use hospitality digital signage to engage, inform, and connect with your employees.

Employee Recognition

Use your digital signage to recognize your employees by highlighting top performers, announcing employee of the month, and displaying promotions, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Display Employee Schedules

Eliminate day-to-day scheduling confusion by communicating employee shift schedules for the day, week, month, or longer in your property’s back of house spaces or break rooms.

Deliver Company Updates

Ensure your entire workforce throughout your portfolio of properties is aware of important company-wide announcements by displaying branded updates on your back of house digital signs.

Communicate Property Information

Keep your employees up to date on what’s happening at your property by displaying employee trainings, events happening on site, staffing and policy changes, and more.

What Your Hospitality Digital Signage Platform Should Provide



Use the same platform that powers your other Visual Communications solutions to deliver content to your in-room TVs.



Powerful scheduling capabilities allow you to easily manage when content plays across multiple locations and display endpoints.

Mobile Support


Expand your property’s ability to connect with guests by including mobile applications in your overall communications strategy.



Our wayfinding solution supports dynamic paths for multi-floor and multi-building locations, rendered in 2D or 3D perspectives.

Ease of Use


Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital content scheduling and management, regardless of how many endpoints you have.



Use our platform’s built-in touchscreen functionality to give your customers the types of immersive experiences they expect.

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