Office Digital Signage for the Corporate Enterprise

Deploy purpose-built corporate digital signage software across your enterprise to increase employee engagement, understand performance toward key metrics, improve meeting room management, and impact the way your business operates.

Key Reasons to Use Corporate Digital Signage


Use a single enterprise digital signage platform to manage your meeting room digital signage, employee communications screens, lobby signage, and other digital displays.


Integrate with key business systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange, and SAP to dynamically display data.


Get cross-platform support for any device, making it easy for your business to scale corporate digital signage according to your needs.

The screens in the lobby make a statement about who we are and where we’re going, while the employee-focused screens ensure that every member of the DTNA team can easily access important information.


See How Corporate Digital Signage Drives the Employee and Visitor Experience at Daimler Trucks North America's Headquarters

Learn how Daimler leverages our enterprise digital signage platform to ensure that its headquarters represents the company’s commitment to the community as well as its employees, plus serves as a means of attracting top talent.

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Improve the Employee Experience With Office Digital Signage

Your corporate office can either add to the overall employee experience, or detract from it. Leverage corporate digital signage to communicate effectively, improve office wayfinding, make it easy to find a colleague, book meeting rooms on the fly, and more. With the right enterprise digital signage software, you can deploy as many different applications as you need to create the type of employee experience that can help you attract and retain the top talent.

Communicate more effectively

Today's workforce expects timely, relevant, and engaging content—whenever they need it. With corporate digital signage, you can deliver on those expectations, providing employee communications content on screens throughout your office.

Reinforce company culture

Driving employee engagement and reinforcing company culture go hand-in-hand. Use your office digital signage to highlight company events, educate your workforce about company goals, celebrate work anniversaries, and showcase your company's values to help reinforce the company culture you want.

Help keep returning employees safe

As safety guidelines change, you can easily keep your corporate digital signs up to date with relevant content, ensuring your employees are aware of any new guidelines, procedures, and news.

Streamline everyday office experiences

With digital meeting room signage, desk hoteling screens, and wayfinding stations, you can make it easy for your employees to find and book the spaces they need, plus find colleagues to collaborate with, making it easy to be more productive while in the office.

Corporate Digital Signage Can Solve Multiple Challenges

Amid rapid employee growth, Pax8 sought a way to drive sales productivity, promote its culture, and create an engaging workplace. The company turned to office digital signage to solve each of those challenges. To learn how else Pax8 benefits from its office digital signage, check out the full case study

Drive Sales Productivity

Pax8 maximizes sales team productivity by providing transparent access to key metrics for each
regional sales team, and the company's CRO uses an interactive sales dashboard to track performance.

Promote Culture

By displaying event info, new hire bios, company awards, employee pet photos, and more, Pax8 uses its employee communications screens to quickly immerse new employees in its culture.

Create a Modern Workplace

With digital signage dedicated to sales performance and employee engagement, Pax8 uses its screens to continually create a dynamic, engaging, and modern workplace experience.

From the variety of services as well as the custom-built and pre-built applications we’ve leveraged, I couldn’t be happier with the flexibility and scalability of FWI’s platform.


Benefits of Office Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Enterprise digital signage is an integral part of the internal communications strategies for many companies. Learn how you can use corporate digital signage to engage, inform, and connect with your workforce.

Provide Omni-channnel communications

Use our platform to reach your workforce wherever they are by delivering content via office digital signage, targeted email, and mobile.

Help with the back-to-office transition

Provide your employees with a mix of informative and fun content on your office digital signage to make sure that returning employees know about new policies and procedures, plus reminds them about the benefits of working in the office.

Deliver Company Updates

Ensure your employees have equal access to important company-wide announcements by displaying branded updates on your back of house digital signs.

Drive Event Participation

Empower your HR and Communications teams to create and deploy engaging content to specific office digital signage that highlights upcoming events.

What your Corporate Digital Signage Platform Should Provide



Use our single software platform to manage as many digital signage applications as you need—across as many screens as you have.

User Workflow


Enable multiple people and departments to contribute content, ensuring only relevant information displays on your screens.



Use our platform’s built-in touchscreen functionality to give your employees the types of immersive experiences they expect.

Ease of Use


Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital signage content scheduling and management, regardless of how many screens you have.

Multiple Platform Support


Our software supports multiple player devices, including, but not limited to, iOS, Android, BrightSign, and Windows, making it easy to display your content.


Pre-Built Templates

Get access to pre-built, configurable templates to improve how quickly your team can communicate with your workforce.

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