FWI + Poppulo

Building Connections Together

The corporate office has evolved into a venue for collaborative work. This change brings with it new challenges in employee communications. That’s why FWI and Poppulo combined, creating the most robust one-to-many omni-channel employee communications platform on the market.

How You Benefit


Reach your audience no matter their location—whether in the office, at home, or anywhere in between.


Deliver personalized messaging to different audiences to create the necessary clarity and meaning.


Provide omni-channel communications capabilities, delivering engaging content via digital signage, mobile, and email.

Honestly I don’t know what we would be doing now without Poppulo. Poppulo has allowed us to turn on a dime to reach our employees on the device of their choice. And, our ability to analyze what content resonates with employees has helped us maintain and even increase our engagement levels."

Christine Head, Global Internal Engagement Communications Manager, World Vision

Your Employee Communications Solution

Digital Signage

Deploy eye-catching, engaging content throughout your office to provide access to ongoing, relevant information.

Personalized Email

Leverage highly personalized, targeted, and interactive emails to reach your audience with relevant content.


Connect with your employees where they are with Poppulo mobile, providing access to company information so your employees never miss out on what they need to know.


Give your employees a voice by using built-in survey tools to encourage two-way communication.

Ready to learn more?

Connect With Your Entire Workforce.

Learn how Poppulo streamlines enterprise corporate communications.

Ready to learn more?

When you’re ready to explore how a true omni-channel communications solution can reach your entire workforce, wherever they’re working from, we’re here to help.