A More Robust Omnichannel Communications Solution

Reaching a hybrid workforce requires omnichannel communications.

To connect with your workforce—at the office, remote, or anywhere in between—your greatest chance of being effective is to employ the right channels for the right audiences. Are you ready to see how Poppulo & FWI can enhance your communications capabilities?

With FWI, You Get:

Intuitive, push-based communications

With digital signage throughout your office, you can easily deploy eye-catching, engaging content that reiterates key information for your in-office employees.

Dynamic Control over content

You can create and publish customized content within minutes, helping you better reach and communicate with your audience—regardless of which department or location they're in.

Automatic content updates

Integrate with key business systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange, and SAP to dynamically display data on your signage, automatically keeping your screens fresh.


Easily bring new devices online and monitor status from anywhere, making troubleshooting and ongoing management easy, regardless of how many screens you have.

With Poppulo, You Add:

Unified Communications Solution

Integrate with the FWI platform to seamlessly manage content across digital signage, mobile, and email—all from one platform.

Personalized Email

Use highly personalized, targeted, and interactive emails to reach your audience with relevant content.

Mobile Communications

The Poppulo mobile app provides access to company information so your employees never miss out on what they need to know.

Measurable and Actionable Insights

Use engagement metrics to make data-driven decisions about the efficacy of your content, continually improving how you reach your workforce.

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The Benefits of Omnichannel Communications

World Vision’s distributed organizational structure of offices around the world created internal communication struggles, making it difficult to reach employees in a timely manner. They could not easily access content on their mobile devices, often the only viable channel. Nor could they respond to or share feedback related to the information. Check out the case study to see how they leverage Poppulo to solve those challenges.

Drive Email Open Rate

World Vision saw a 75% or higher open rate for leader-targeted communications after deploying Poppulo.

Improve Engagement

By sharing authentic, moving stories and videos from the field, World Vision drives employee connection and engagement.

Scale Communications Easily

World Vision was able to more than double its internal communications, effectively reaching its workforce during the pandemic.

Honestly I don’t know what we would be doing now without Poppulo. Poppulo has allowed us to turn on a dime to reach our employees on the device of their choice. And, our ability to analyze what content resonates with employees has helped us maintain and even increase our engagement levels."


Connect With Your Entire Workforce.

Learn how Poppulo streamlines enterprise corporate communications.

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When you’re ready to explore a true omnichannel communications strategy, we’re here to help.