FWI Elevate

Reach your employees at the front line.

All-in-one solution for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution to effectively communicate timely information, mitigate risk, and keep frontline workers informed to maximize both performance and engagement. 

Key Product Features

Easily create, schedule, and remotely manage operational communications on digital signage across your locations–keeping deskless employees empowered with the targeted information they need to maximize productivity, efficiency, and safety when they’re on the frontlines. 

Emergency Messaging

Safety Messaging

Mitigate risk and reduce incidents across the organization with compliance
driven messaging.


Data Visualizations

Optimize agile processes and increase productivity by displaying KPIs and metrics via native charts as well as integration to Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and more.

Preferred Communications Method


Empower your team to quickly create and share dynamic, on-brand content. Communicate crucial HR information or brief employees on business announcements.


Shift Schedules

Inform employees of daily schedules and who or where to report.

Group 20

Countdown/Count-up Clock

Motivate employees with a countdown display for an upcoming event or a count-up display of days since last accident.

Group 33


Recognize individual employees while fostering a sense of community and increasing team morale.



Maximize display space and messaging with multi-region and multi-purpose layouts to showcase information in a variety of formats.

Growth and Opportunity

Job Openings

Drive employee retention by highlighting opportunities for upward momentum.


Years of Service

Celebrate dedicated employees and their commitment to your business.

Learn how factories are
optimizing performance

Enable agility with real-time data

Create data visualization charts and graphs natively, or connect to Power BI, Tableau, and other MES systems to dynamically display the data that matters most, such as current queue and line metrics, quality metrics, cost factors, and plant performance, to drive productivity and stay ahead of problems. 

Maximize efficiency
and throughput

Easily create, customize, and display operational information such as shift schedules to inform workers where and who they need to report to. 


Keep employees and the workplace safe

Create and display important safety messages and reminders to adhere to keep the workplace free of incidents. 

Motivate and
retain employees

Create and schedule employee-centric announcements like years of service, birthdays, and other types of individual recognition to motivate employees. Also show trainings and open internal positions to improve retention and advocate for upward mobility within
the organization.

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