Desk Hoteling Solution

Flexible desk hoteling software.

Concerns about health and safety changed how we use shared office resources like conference rooms, desks, and common areas. Plus, businesses were forced to think how they approach real estate management. For many companies, the solution is flexible desk hoteling software.

Key Reasons to Use Desk Booking Software

Why use hot desking and other desk booking methods over the more traditional method of assigning desks? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of implementing desk hoteling software in your workplace.


Use space utilization data from our desk management software to right-size real estate costs according to your needs and space usage.


Enable a hybrid workforce by empowering your employees to easily reserve space via desk booking software on your office digital signage or their mobile devices.


Improve health & safety and enable social distancing in your office by managing available desks from your desk hoteling software.

Product Features of Our Hot Desking Solution

With desk hoteling software, you can get the flexibility you need to more effectively manage your space and help ensure your employees can return to the office safely. Take a look at some of the ways you can configure our desk booking software.

Multiple Booking


Give your workforce the ability to book workstations, desks, meeting rooms, or other office resources via our desk booking software on the mobile app, web portal, or touchscreens in the workplace.

Content Anywhere


Our hot desking platform is built to solve today’s workplace challenges, plus scale with your business into the future, regardless of how many locations you have, or desks and rooms that you need to manage.



Integrate with and harness data from your existing ecosystem of applications to streamline how your employees reserve space, while maximizing the value you receive from your hot desking solution.



Our hot desking software enables your facilities team to gain insight from real-time occupancy maps and utilization data, empowering you to make data-driven real estate decisions over time.



Utilize occupancy sensors in conjunction with our desk booking software to bridge the gap between space reservation data and actual space utilization, gaining real-time insight into whether reserved desks are actually being used.

Visual Mapping 2


Our desk booking software comes with visual mapping tools to help your employees better navigate your workspace and find the location of colleagues’ desks with customized office floor plans.

The Value You Receive With a Hot Desking Solution

Desk hoteling is a critical part of supporting a hybrid workforce. Learn how our desk booking software can add value and contribute to business goals at your workplace.

Workplace Usage Insights 

Gain insight into utilization and occupancy data with desk management software, helping you understand how your space is being used, optimize your real estate investment, drive productivity, and improve space utilization.

Easy Desk & Room Booking

Our user-friendly desk hoteling software makes it easy for employees to find open desks and meeting rooms, then book the resources they need—without making desk management more difficult for your facilities teams.

Flexibility to Adapt to Changes

Gain the flexibility to adapt to workspace management needs. Whether you’re reconfiguring your space, expanding your current office, or adding new locations, our hot desking solution is built to adapt to your business needs.

Your Desk Hoteling & Hot Desking Solution

Your desk hoteling software should be easy to learn, easy to update, help you solve an array of problems, and help improve the employee experience. Here’s what your desk management software should provide.

Improve office wayfinding.

Combine desk hoteling with office navigation to meet the requirements of today’s flexible, dynamic workplace.

Mobile desk hoteling.

Enable hot desking capabilities via mobile devices to allow employees to reserve desks either from screens throughout your office, or from their personal devices.

Social distancing capabilities.

With our desk hoteling software, ensure proper social distancing is followed by controlling which desks are available to reserve, and which need to remain free.

Ready to learn more about our desk hoteling software?

We’re here to help you make your workplace a venue for collaboration—a place employees want to work, one that gives them the flexibility to choose where they work from—while also allowing you to enable social distancing and better track space utilization. Please contact us to learn more about transforming your workplace with our hot desking solution.