FWI Cloud™

Cloud-based digital signage software—built to scale.

With FWI Cloud, our cloud digital signage system, creating and deploying content, managing devices, onboarding new users, and getting more value out of your signs is easier than ever. Learn more about cloud digital signage.

Not Just Any Digital Signage Cloud. See how FWI Cloud is Built for Enterprise Scale.

When it comes to cloud-based digital signage software, not all platforms are created equally. In fact, FWI Cloud is the only cloud digital signage system designed to enable users at every level of your organization to contribute content while also streamlining overall network and device management at scale. But talk is cheap. Take a look at how easy our cloud digital signage platform is to use. You’ll see how the FWI digital signage cloud lets you:

Democratize content contribution, allowing you to empower any person in your organization to access our intuitive cloud-based digital signage software and contribute content to your signs.

Leverage role-based access to quickly and safely onboard new users while applying the level of access your security standards require.

Manage content and devices on the fly with a mobile-friendly design that makes it easy to update content and monitor devices from wherever you are, whenever you need to. 

How Our Cloud Digital Signage System Works at Scale

Are you ready to see what the future of enterprise-wide communications looks like? We’re here to introduce you to the modern, cloud-based digital signage software platform you’ve been waiting for. Learn about the Modules included in FWI Cloud, who they’re built for, and how that impacts digital signage content management for your entire organization.

Content Contribution


Designed for ease of use across your enterprise, this shared, cloud-based digital signage content repository is made to simplify how content contributors and content schedulers add and manage content. This shared digital signage cloud library gives everyone in your company a single place to upload and store rich media assets, then easily access and schedule that content from any device, anytime.

Auto Upgrades


Designed exclusively for collaborative digital signage content contribution and management, FWI Cloud Tables lets your teams easily manage their data-driven applications and display dynamic content within your cloud digital signage system. And with Playlists, contributors can begin curating all types of content—from apps and images through video and other media—for specific audiences and locations, further simplifying how your team adds, organizes, and targets content.

FWI Cloud


Once your content contributors have uploaded content, our cloud digital signage system lets content schedulers easily assign and publish targeted content to any of your company’s screens, or to web, enabling them to designate when various content playlists, apps, videos, images, and more can play on which channels, helping deliver more dynamic experiences, all from a single digital signage cloud. Additionally, by leveraging Labels within FWI Cloud, you can begin hyper-targeting content to specific devices, ensuring your content gets to the right screen, at the right time, in the right format.

Device Deployment


As your network scales, our digital signage cloud makes it easy to remotely license, manage, and monitor all of your players. In addition to the ability to easily bring new devices online from anywhere, our cloud digital signage system gives you a centralized view of every deployed device and the ability to take real-time screenshots from any device, simplifying troubleshooting.

Ease of Use


When it’s time to scale your network, the ability to easily add contributors, network administrators, content schedulers, and application authors while only giving each person access to the tools and permissions they need is invaluable. That’s why our cloud-based digital signage software includes an intuitive Admin Center that makes it easy to create, edit, and delete users and permission levels.



Empower non-technical content contributors to easily customize and publish common applications and Ready to Use content within FWI Cloud, removing the need for advanced application authoring skills and making it easier than ever to keep your screens updated with fresh, relevant content.

A Cloud Digital Signage System Made for Your User’s Needs

Built with an obsession for the user experience and a passion to make content contribution and management easy, FWI Cloud lets your people spend less time learning a new cloud digital signage platform and more time communicating their key messages. Take a look at how easy it is to configure new apps in FWI Cloud and reduce the time it takes to build and deploy professional looking content.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software, Designed with Security in Mind

There’s not a single existing or new system that isn’t being scrutinized to understand what vulnerabilities it might introduce. Unsurprisingly, that also applies to cloud-based digital signage software. When it comes to digital signage security, the more you know, the better off you are, because all digital signage software platforms are far from equal where security is concerned. If you’re interested in learning more about the cloud digital signage security landscape, download our whitepaper. While FWI Cloud is built to be as secure as it is scalable, below are the some of the highlights of our secure cloud digital signage system:

Ready to learn more?

Are you ready to see what the future of enterprise-wide communications looks like? We’re here to introduce you to the platform you’ve been waiting for.