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How Vertafore Uses Digital Signage to Amplify Its Workplace Culture

Vertafore’s mission is to transform the way the insurance technology industry operates by putting people at the heart of everything it does. 

By empowering its employees to better serve its customers, Vertafore delivers tangible results, providing a level of trust and security that is foundational within the insurance industry. And as much as insurance is about relationships, running a business is even more so. To help nurture its relationship with its employees and amplify Vertafore’s guiding principles, the company turned to FWI’s Digital Signage platform.

Screens in Vertafore’s Denver office
Years in the insurance technology industry
Employees at Vertafore

The challenge.

After relocating its headquarters and amid substantial growth, Vertafore sought a way to connect its workforce to its mission, purpose and values.

With a new headquarters in Denver, Colorado, an influx of new team members, a rapidly growing customer base and a dynamic business environment, Vertafore needed a way to quickly amplify its culture and communicate with its employees. And on top of needing a more intuitive communication medium, Vertafore required a solution that also fit into its carefully-designed aesthetic and promoted its prominence not only in the insure-tech industry but in Denver’s booming technology industry as well. 

What needed to be done:

01. Connect its workforce with Vertafore’s mission and purpose 

02. Foster a company culture centered around informed, engaged employees

03. Deliver targeted messaging to employees throughout its headquarters

The solution.

Shortly after opening its new headquarters in Denver, Vertafore selected FWI as its digital signage platform.

To expedite the implementation process and streamline ongoing content creation and management, Vertafore chose to leverage FWI™ ENGAGE®—a pre-built, configurable employee communications solution.   

  • With screens deployed throughout in its open workspaces, high-traffic areas and congregation points, Vertafore ensures every employee has access to its content. 
  • Of the included solutions within FWI ENGAGE, Vertafore leverages the announcements, events, countdown clock, birthdays, anniversaries promotions, employee highlights, customer feedback and employee recognition applications. 
  • Additionally, Vertafore leverages FWI® Cloud™ to enable content contribution and management from anywhere.

The results.

Today, Vertafore relies on FWI’s platform to push everything from event announcements and business metrics through employee recognition, culture information and more to its workforce.

After the success of its initial digital signage implementation, Vertafore expanded its application set to include a custom video wall inside its executive briefing center and is planning to implement FWI ENGAGE at the rest of its office locations throughout the country.

Added benefits.

    By leveraging FWI ENGAGE, Vertafore was able to implement its employee engagement signage quickly, plus optimize for scalability.
    The large, wraparound video wall inside Vertafore’s executive briefing center can be scheduled to display customized content, creating a memorable welcome experience for clients and prospects. 
    Vertafore leverages FWI’s platform to not only highlight important business information but reinforce its culture and align its workforce with its mission and values on a daily basis.

FWI’s platform ensures that the way we communicate with our workforce fits into the overall employee experience we designed.


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