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Using Digital Signage to Elevate the Workplace Experience at Pax8

Providing everything from billing and provisioning through automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, pre-and-post sales support and more, Pax8 simplifies cloud buying, improves operational efficiency and lowers customer acquisition cost. The company’s dedication to innovation effectively disrupted the traditional distribution industry, but that innovation doesn’t stop with the company’s technology—it extends throughout every aspect of Pax8’s workplace experience.

Screens Dedicated to Employee Communications
Performance Management Screens

The challenge.

Amid exponential company growth, Pax8 had two main goals: streamline performance management and reinforce company culture.  

To meet the needs of its partners and vendors while continuing its dominance over the $1 trillion cloud distribution market, Pax8 had to quickly scale its operation. After growing from a 23-person company to one with over 300 employees over the course of only 2.5 years, Pax8 needed a solution capable of helping drive sales performance. However, the company also sought a modern employee communications solution that could help onboard new employees, promote the many unique aspects of Pax8’s corporate culture and facilitate engagement at scale.

What needed to be done:

  1. Maximize sales team productivity by providing transparent access to key metrics
  2. Immerse new and existing employees in Pax8’s company culture
  3. Create a more dynamic workplace experience

The solution.

After researching individual solutions for its performance management and employee engagement initiatives, Pax8 selected FWI’s platform to address both challenges.

Addressing each of the challenges as part of a phased rollout, Pax8 focused on the custom KPI applications first, then deployed FWI® ENGAGE™—a suite of pre-built, configurable employee communications applications.

  • Pax8 leverages non-interactive KPI applications throughout its sales floor, each one displaying real-time sales metrics tailored to the team the screen is mounted by. Additionally, Pax8’s CRO has an interactive sales dashboard mounted in his office, providing the ability to drill down into specific team and even individual salesperson performance. 
  • To expedite the time-to-value on its employee communications signage, Pax8 deployed the FWI ENGAGE product and began leveraging the included applications to reinforce culture and communicate with its workforce.
  • Pax8 also relies on FWI’s Visual Communications Management (VCM) service to ensure its digital signage network is optimized and leverages the newest trends and best practices in workplace communications.

The results.

As Pax8 continues to scale its operation, the company is planning to roll out new digital signage applications while also expanding the use of its current application set.

Building on the success of its initial workplace digital signage implementation, and leveraging the best practices provided by FWI’s VCM service, Pax8 is scaling its digital signage network to provide ticketing and KPI screens for its development and support teams as well as increasing the number of employee engagement signs.

Added benefits.

    By isolating and displaying its key sales metrics, Pax8 empowers its sales team to self-manage, eliminating the need for micromanagement and maximizing performance.
    Pax8 uses FWI® Cloud™—a mobile-friendly interface designed to improve device, user and content management—to make content updates on-the-fly. 
    The combination of KPI and employee communications applications help reinforce Pax8’s culture, drive performance and create the type of office that employees enjoy working in.

From the variety of services as well as the custom-built and pre-built applications we’ve leveraged, I couldn’t be happier with the flexibility and scalability of FWI’s platform.

—Nick Heddy, Chief Revenue Officer, Pax8

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