Game Finder

If your guests can’t quickly find the game they’re looking for, you run the risk of watching them walk out of your door and head toward the casino down the road instead. Make sure that’s never the issue and enable your guests to find what they need in order to continue playing at your casino.

FWI’s game finder application provides players with an interactive map of your gaming floor by interfacing directly with your existing asset database. The interactive map generates a walking path directly from the digital sign to the location of the selected game. Game locations automatically update when source data is changed. 

Promote your table games.

Whether your guests are looking for roulette, poker, black jack, progressive slots or anything else, it’s in your best interest to ensure that they find their desired game quickly.


  • Inform your guests of buy-in requirements for specific tables
  • Promote dining and other onsite amenities
  • Showcase entertainment options
  • Highlight your player loyalty program

Advanced wayfinding makes navigation simple.

Things in the gaming industry change quickly. Our flexible game finder solution accounts for those rapid changes, so no matter what, your guests will be able to navigate between games with ease.


  • Enable guests to send directions to their mobile devices
  • Show pathways between specific waypoints
  • Automatically update game locations when source data is changed
  • Highlight Player Loyalty Club benefits

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We’re here to help you develop digital signage solutions that drive results.

Contact us with your questions.

We’re here to collaborate and help you develop Visual Communications solutions that drive results.