Donor Board

For organizations that have active donor programs, it’s imperative to appropriately recognize the contributing individual, group or company for their generosity. However, in our technologically advanced world, plaques and pictures just aren’t enough. Use interactive donor boards to recognize your key benefactors—plus do a whole lot more.

Give your donors the credit they deserve.

Your donor relations program will flourish when current and prospective donors see the highly engaging, eye-catching and gorgeous displays that they either are, or could be featured on.


  • A reason to continue their charitable giving
  • A high-impact, memorable recognition  
  • Exposure to the cause that drives them to donate
  • Priority based on donation tiers
  • The ability to showcase donor photos and bio information

Solve more than just one challenge.

Provide your end users with the ability to learn more about the donor, find out additional ways to donate and access additional pages that can highlight other important features of your organization.


  • Additional ways to give
  • Company information
  • A list of donors
  • Current projects
  • Upcoming events

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