Back of House

Your employees need access to relevant information as much as anyone else. Possibly even more. Consider the recent statistics on employee engagement. Numerous reports indicate that companies with a highly engaged workforce are more productive and more profitable. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to give your employee the information they need.

Information empowers employees.

HR leaders and Operations executives can team up to provide any size workforce—in a single office or throughout disparate locations—with the information they need to remain engaged and thrive in their respective roles.


  • Drive employee engagement
  • Ensure that all employees are apprised of your business goals
  • Empower your workforce with real-time information
  • Help employees contact and find coworkers

Display a variety of information.

Give your employees a mix of fun and engaging information, plus integrate with your internal systems and make sure everyone has access to relevant, real-time business information to drive results across the board.


  • Showcase upcoming events, weather, news and more
  • Use wayfinding to improve navigation at large locations
  • Let your employees know which visitors are expected each day
  • Announce employee birthdays, work anniversaries, weddings and more

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