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Our Digital Signage Software Clients

As communication mediums that used to be static quickly fade into obscurity, organizations increasingly rely on digital signage solutions to provide lightning-fast access to real-time information. That’s why over 6,000 clients rely on FWI’s digital signage software to power all types of customer and employee-facing applications.

Why Choose FWI’s Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution

Founded in 2005, FWI is the best digital signage software company available on the market. In addition to helping our clients communicate more effectively with a variety of digital signage solutions, we’re helping some of the most recognizable companies in the world transform their employee, customer, guest, and student experiences with omnichannel communications and office space optimization solutions. Our intuitive, cloud-based digital signage platform is designed to maximize the benefits you can receive from your digital signage solutions by democratizing content creation and simplifying device management at scale. You don’t need any digital signage company. You need FWI—the best digital signage company. Take a look at why Ferguson decided to switch to FWI’s cloud-based digital signage software.

What an Enterprise Digital Signage Company Provides

There are many aspects of our powerful digital signage software platform to explore. From our pre-built Market Solutions and comprehensive workplace management platform through our integrated omnichannel communications capabilities, there are countless ways we can help your organization. Find out a little more about the products that comprise the FWI platform.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Management

Learn how FWI Cloud—the most intuitive, powerful cloud-based digital signage software available—empowers anyone in your organization to create and publish content within minutes, helping you better reach and communicate with your target audience. Check out more information about FWI Cloud.

Workplace Management Solutions

When you give your employees the ability to reserve desk space from digital signage, their computer, or their mobile device, you empower them to control where they work when they’re in the office, while also gaining insight into the space utilization metrics you need to control real estate costs moving forward. Learn more.

Omnichannel Employee Communications

In a hybrid work environment, employee communications has never been more difficult, or more important. To connect with your workforce—at the office, remote, or anywhere in between—you need to be able to deploy content across a variety of digital signage solutions as well as email, mobile, collaboration tools, and Intranet. See what benefits an omnichannel communications platform provides.

Pre-Built Digital Signage Solutions

With our pre-built Market Solutions, you can quickly deploy configurable digital signage solutions across your enterprise, solving for employee communications, meeting room management, health and safety challenges, and more. See all Market Solutions.

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Benefits of Digital Signage

By engaging their target audiences with relevant, accurate, and eye-catching information, our clients are using their digital signage solutions to drive desired actions that deliver tangible outcomes for their businesses. From advertising revenue, cross-promotional opportunities, hardware savings, office space management, employee engagement and satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention, our clients are using our digital signage software to impact their businesses. See just a few ways our clients benefit from our digital signage solutions.

What Industries Rely on Digital Signage?

Look around—interactive screens, large format video walls, meeting room signage, and everything in between—it’s what people prefer. It’s also what people expect. That’s why digital signage solutions continue to grow in virtually every industry. This modern means of communication helps our clients inform, inspire, and connect with their audiences, while also enabling the business to achieve a desired outcome. Find out what some industries use digital signage for.

Digital signage Solutions for Corporate Offices

With digital signage solutions designed to increase employee engagement, drive performance toward key metrics, improve meeting room management, improve the lobby experience and more, there are many ways you can impact your business with digital signage. Learn more.

Digital signage for the hospitality industry

Learn how hotels and casinos engage guests and employees with real-time, accurate information displayed on digital signage throughout their properties. From reader boards and meeting room signage through interactive virtual concierge kiosks, our cloud-based digital signage software is helping properties deliver exceptional guest experiences—see how.

A Digital signage Company built for airlines and airports

Leverage our digital signage software to improve your overall passenger experience and give you the ability to manage your FIDs, BIDs, GIDs, wayfinding, and advertising applications all from a single digital signage company. Learn more.

Digital signage Solutions for stadiums and arenas

As guests start to come back to sporting events and other venues, our digital signage software gives you a combination of innovative applications to promote additional return visits, increase revenue, improve operations, and ensure your venue exceeds customer expectations. Find out how.

Digital signage for colleges and universities

See how a campus-wide digital signage company can help you improve communications in your student union, sports facilities, study rooms, and other on-campus locations, keeping your students, faculty and staff informed and engaged. Learn more about the digital signage solutions your campus needs.

Digital signage for healthcare

Learn which digital signage solutions hospitals, healthcare networks, and those serving the medical industry rely on to reach their patients, visitors, and employees more effectively. Check out digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry.

Want to Learn More About the Best Digital Signage Company?

If you’re interested in learning more about our digital signage solutions, check out our digital signage resource center to see case studies, webinar recordings, product videos, whitepapers, guides, and articles, or explore some of our featured items, below.

Let’s Discuss How FWI’s Digital Signage Software Can Work for You

Following the trends we’ve seen over the last 10 years, content will continue to become more personalized, interactive and engaging—driven by the preferences of a tech-savvy generation. Digital signage is your answer to effective communications today and into the future.