Digital Signage for Churches

Digital Signage for Churches

For many churches and places of worship, technology has become a popular way to attract younger members. Religious digital signage is just like any digital sign application in that it creates superior visual appeal and increased versatility for the content of your signs. And while the sanctuary typically remains adorned with traditional furnishings and relics, fellowship halls can easily incorporate religious digital signage without offending the sensibilities of even the more traditional congregations. Take into account these ideas and benefits as you consider whether religious digital signage is right for your place of worship.

Outdoor Digital Signs for Places of Worship
Most places of worship have an outdoor sign of some kind or another. Often, these displays communicate upcoming events and inspirational messages, along with the name of the religious organization itself. Outdoor digital signs for places of worship allow for more visually appealing displays that are more likely to catch the attention of people who pass by. They can also be changed at a moment's notice and scheduled for automatic updates. In just a few minutes after Sunday's service, you can use FWi's software to program the content of these outdoor signs for the entire week. With these signs, you can market your church services to the general public and increase your membership, or you can publicize worthy causes and bolster the public conscience of your local community.

Religious Digital Signage for Your Congregation
An increasing number of churches and religious institutions are utilizing digital signs to reach out to their members to communicate events, schedules, groups, and association information. With the number of people streaming in and out of your location, it's hard to interact with each individual on a personal level. Using church digital signage to direct visitors to their destination or answer questions about meetings and events is a valuable way to keep everyone in your congregation included and informed. Working as an extension of your internal message, religious digital signage is an attractive way to break through the clutter of traditional paper signs and grab the attention of your visitors.

Beyond the logistics, you can also use digital signs for churches to express sentiments of inspiration and hope. Like the outdoor displays, it can be cumbersome to replace these messages each week with traditional paper signs, whereas digital displays can be changed with a few keystrokes. You can even queue several messages at one time and schedule them to appear on set dates. Each time your congregation meets for worship, for study groups, or for other religious events, a new spiritual quote will be waiting for them. What's more, this capability will allow your event coordinator to take on more responsibilities and/or require less volunteer hours from an already strained congregation.

Putting Digital Signs in Your Place of Worship
Needless to say, not all places of worships have the same needs and opportunities for religious digital signage. Maybe you need just a single outdoor sign, maybe you need a handful of smaller displays placed strategically throughout the building. Any form of church digital signage will need a software package to run and manage the content you create. If you have questions about how our software fits into the needs of your place of worship or if you would like to set up a time for a live demo, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

What digital signage can do:
  • Guide visitors through your facility
  • Showcase announcements & daily event listings
  • Integrate with your internal database for dynamic calendar details
  • Broadcast your service live throughout your location
  • Display top news stories &live internet content
  • Showcase advertisement from local vendors
Where digital signage can go:
  • Lobbies
  • Worship areas
  • Meeting spaces
  • Office locations
  • Retail Establishments
See Some Examples

Digital Signage Applications:

  • Facility mapping
  • Event display
  • Community announcements
  • Service broadcast
  • Local advertisements

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