FWi Products

Flexible. Powerful. Reliable. Scalable.

The FWi solution is made up of two core components:

Content Manager allows you to design, deploy, manage and monitor a comprehensive digital communications network that spans across digital signs, interactive kiosks, desktops, web pages and mobile devices from a single platform.

Content Player—available in Windows, Mac, Web, Desktop & Screensaver versions—displays the content developed by the Content Manager user.


The rest of the FWi product suite complements the above:

  • Content Manager Express (CMX):

    Manage your network from any web browser on any device with this Web-based version of Content Manager.

  • Content Store:

    Store your content, including graphics, videos and tabular data, in the cloud with FWi’s Web-based digital asset management solution.

  • Integration Framework:

    Simplify complex data source integrations with FWi’s data integration and traffic control solution.

  • Mobile:

    Get your digital communications directly in your audience’s hands via a QR tag or URL.

  • FWi Web Services:

    Facilitate content deployments, player monitoring, play log, reporting and other key server-side functions with FWi Web Services.

Installation Packages

All of the FWi content management products are available as two installation packages: FWi’s on-premise Enterprise Server offering; and our hosted FWi Cloud solution.

  • Enterprise Server:

    If you're unable to take advantage of the FWi Cloud hosted solution because of security policies, FWi offers all of our products, as an on-premise Enterprise Server solution.

  • FWi Cloud:

    FWi offers its entire product suite bundled as an aggressively priced hosted solution called FWi Cloud, which reduces—and in some cases, eliminates—the IT impact on your organization.