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Plus 5  See how hospitality brands are wowing their guests with dynamic display technology. 

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Hospitality brands invest millions in making the guest experience exceptional. Following recent breakthroughs in display technology, guests are in for a treat. Larger format screens show gorgeous visuals of the property. Streaming video entices them to try on-site amenities. Interactive kiosks let them check out flight information, weather forecasts and make reservations. Four Winds Interactive offers a visual communications solution that gives your guests an unparalleled experience on your property.  Our industry-leading solution provides a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use digital signage network that wows the guest, improves efficiency and increase sales.

Wow the Customer

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, your guests would love to be delighted. Let the latest in digital display technology wow them with instant and intuitive access to amenities, nearby attractions, and helpful information.With a wide array of applications built specifically for hotels and resorts, you can quickly implement a network of displays throughout your properties that keep them informed. Give them visual applications for wayfinding, promote on-property dining and amenities to drive revenue and ensure all of your guets’ questions are answered with FWI’s virtual concierge.

Improve Efficiency

Let the power of visual communications answer your guests most common questions. Use a single platform to centralize hotel communications, providing more consistent messaging, streamlined content development and easier management by IT. FWI’s built-in data integration capability gives you the ability to tie directly into your existing event management system, so each screen can have custom content that is relevant to that location. Couple that with streaming data apps from the FWI App store to add changing video backgrounds, weather updates, news, international clock and more, all in one simple application.

Increase Sales

Satisfied guests fo the three things that matter most to the bottom line: they come back more often, buy more when they do, and tell their friends. By providing your guests the information they need, at their fingertips, you’re improving their overall experience, leading to increased spending, repeat visits, and referral business.

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