Give your communications a check-up.

Plus 5  Ease patient and visitor stress by keeping them well informed with visual communications.



Visiting a healthcare facility can be stressful for patients and visitors alike. Provide valuable information to patients and visitors throughout your facility using beautiful graphics, engaging visuals, interactive kiosks and streaming video. FWI offers a visual communications solution that gives you the means to control all onsite digital media with one centralized and user-friendly system. A digital signage network designed for the needs of your offices, patients and staff will improve patient satisfaction, increase efficiencies and empower your staff.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

With a wide array of applications built specifically for the healthcare industry, a dynamic display system can assist visitors and patients throughout your facilities. With simple touch, guests can request in their native language. They can find doctors’ offices or labs using interactive wayfinding, see estimated wait times, get updates on weather and news and more more. Visual displays can make patient’s visit more relaxing and productive, and increase their satisfaction.

Improve Efficiencies

You have a busy staff that spends much of their time addressing client questions and needs. Leverage the power of digital signage to address many of the common questions and provide help in multiple languages, freeing up precious staff time and resources. Running your facility-wide digital signage network through a single platform helps increase operational efficiencies and allows for easy design and content sharing throughout all of your communication. Data from your sources an be quickly and easily integrated, and couples with any number of FWI’s modular apps and stream live updates on everything from weather to news to traffic and more.

Empower Your Healthcare Staff

Your staff must constantly stay on top of the latest news, training, procedures and patient metrics. Utilize a dynamic display system to improve communication with your staff through visual communications. Provide important real-time messaging like staff announcements, recognition, upcoming internal events, safety alerts and much more in employee-facing areas like break-rooms, nursing stations and elevators.

Want to learn more about FWI’s Healthcare solution? Use the tabbed sections at the top of the page to view applications designed specifically for the healthcare industry, third-party integrations, educational resources and examples of client implementations.

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