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Plus 5  Visual communications is the answer, whether it’s for the government, public buildings, or military bases.

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Transparency and clear communication are a key goal that every department and government service shares. Use the latest dynamic display technology to keep your employees and visitors engaged and informed throughout your facility. Four Winds Interactive offers a visual communications solution that gives you the means to control all onsite digital media with one centralized and user-friendly system. Designed for the rigors of installations around the globe: our industry-leading solution provides you with a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use digital signage network that improves your visitor’s experience, increases safety, and boosts efficiency.

Improve Visitor Experience

With a wide array of applications built specifically for the government industry, you can easily keep visitors and staff informed and productive. Provide visitors with easy access to key information like building directories, facility mapping, court schedules, emergency messaging and more.

Increase Safety

An effective visual communications solution allows you to immediately deploy urgent notifications system-wide: along with evacuation procedures, lock-down instructions, evasive actions, and other critical information. Four Winds Interactive can advise on the best deployment options for a wide range of needs and circumstances.

Boost Efficiency

Running your facility-wide digital signage network through a single platform helps increase operational efficiencies by centralizing the management of your visual communications. FWI’s integration capabilities enable you to easily incorporate data from your existing back-end data sources.

Want to learn more about FWI’s Government solution? Use the tabbed sections at the top of the page to view applications specifically for various government and military uses, third-party integrations, educational resources and examples of client implementation.

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