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Many restaurant owners first become interested in a dynamic menu display because of the visual appeal of the digital hardware. No doubt, a high resolution screen does look sharp, but it’s the underlying menu board software that creates dynamic content capabilities and confers the primary return on investment. Dynamic signage refers to the ability to continually and easily make changes to the display content or design. Aside from daily messaging and superior promotion of seasonal items, these systems bring an unprecedented level of long-term versatility to your display and content design.

The FWI Menu Board Software Application
Our industry-leading iDS® platform has all the capabilities necessary to design and run a digital menu, but our dedicated Digital Menu Board software application offers streamlined operations and a content management interface that makes it even easier to change and schedule marketing materials, limited-time promotions, photos of specialty dishes, and other messaging. And with these new capabilities, restaurant owners often choose to create more versatile foodstuffs and content presentations. The best promotional materials and menu presentations may not be the same on a Tuesday afternoon as a Friday evening, for example. Plus, with advanced data integration, your digital screen can be linked with your point-of-sale system so that the display and sales data always correspond with one another in terms of pricing and availability.

Content Management Features
Our innovative solution also creates several options for content management and network access. First, the software is designed to work directly with your existing computer, whether it’s a PC or a Mac. For this reason, many restaurants give shift managers access to the system through the manager’s office computer. Standard security measures allow owners to grant as much as or as little access to the content management system as they deem appropriate. Multiple users will certainly increase versatility and convenience, but it may also be wise to guard against sabotage from disgruntled employees.

We also provide web-based content management which means the system can be managed from an off-site location. Likewise, this web-based system can be used to control the menu display at any and all restaurant locations, an attractive perk for restaurants with multiple locations.

Menu Board Software and Design 
Our dedicated application contains design templates for easy construction of your display board. These templates are easy to modify and customize, but you can also take a build-it-from-scratch approach. The menu board software is also loaded with a number of different display formats. The single vertical format is popular for greeting boards and special promotions, while horizontal, double-horizontal, and triple vertical are the most common layouts for the larger boards. A layered effect within these formats will provide a professional, eye-catching quality.

Even with these built-in design features and user-friendly interface, some restaurant owners and managers still have difficulty getting their presentation design just right. That’s why our experienced team of service professionals is also available to clients who identify a need for these more personalized design services. If you have questions about how our solution and service can fit your needs or would like to set up a time to demo our menu board software, please feel free to Contact Us.