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Digital displays are quickly becoming the new restaurant standard for menu sign boards. Their dynamic content capabilities allows for efficient modifications to the menu display and greater versatility in marketing a restaurant’s bill-of-fare over the long-run. Within the ever-expanding digital display market, LED and LCD menu boards have become the hardware display of choice for restaurants. Whereas plasma screens still maintain some presence in the market for residential TV screens, their shorter lifespan makes them largely unappealing for commercial applications. Likewise, new digital display technology is often shied away from due to higher production costs and untested track record.

Whether it’s choosing between LED and LCD menu boards or picking the right dimensions and model for your restaurant, FWi can provide valuable hardware advice, in addition to our primary service as a digital signage software provider.

LED Menu Boards vs. LCD Menu Boards
The only notable difference in the technology between LCD and LED menu boards is the backlighting design. Liquid crystal displays use cold cathode fluorescent lamps; LEDs use light-emitting diodes (hence the name) for backlighting. These light-emitting diodes allow for more targeted performance of overall image quality. The position and design of light-emitting diodes can create displays with superior image quality and performance.

Yet, LED menu boards are not necessarily a better choice; trade-offs are inevitable. When the diodes are placed on the edge of the display, for example, better energy-efficiency and thinner displays can be achieved but at the sacrifice of viewing angles and contrast levels. Moreover, LCD menu boards are often a better value, though the cost differential is becoming negligible as LED technology continues to mature. Also, keep in mind that the choice between LED and LCD menu boards may not be as important as other digital display variables. The screen resolution and display size will almost surely be bigger factors in determining the cost and quality of your menu board.

Choosing Hardware for LCD Menu Boards
It’s okay if you’re not sure which menu display hardware is right for your restaurant. Our experienced project managers and signage architects will discuss the hardware options in the context of your restaurant location and financial resources. We also maintain multiple relationships with digital signage hardware providers to facilitate a timely and hassle-free implementation of your digital menu board. For these reasons, we consistently recommend that prospective clients first consider and choose their restaurant signage software, despite our versatile software products that are compatible with essentially any hardware component.

Four Winds Interactive and Menu Signage Software
From our industry-leading iDS® software solution to our Digital Menu Board software application, FWi has all the software capabilities and design features necessary to implement the best possible menu display for your restaurant. This includes a user-friendly content management system, design templates, sign formatting options, full preview capability, and dependable content player software that can be run directly through your restaurant’s existing computer system. If you have questions about how our digital software can fit your needs or would like to set up a time to demo our software products, please feel free to Contact Us.