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Hit the Jackpot.

Visual communications drive revenue and player loyalty.




Keep your guests and employees engaged and informed throughout your property. Four Winds Interactive offers a visual communications solution that gives you the means to control all onsite digital media with one centralized and user-friendly system. Our industry-leading solution provides you with a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use digital signage network that drives repeat visits, boosts loyalty and increases on-site spending. FWI, a member of the Gaming Standards Association, will also implement the GSA protocols, including System-to-System (S2S) and Game-to-System (G2S), which will standardize messaging across gaming and non-gaming displays and ensure the longevity of your visual communications network.

Applications For Your Casino and Integrated Resort

Handle all of your diverse and complex requirements of gaming operations as well as powering the digital signage needs of your hotel, retail outlets, food and beverage operations, conference and event centers and even your back-of-house.

Drive Repeat

By providing guests the information they need at their fingertips (literally!) through game and wayfinding kiosks, mobile applications, and more, you’re improving their overall experience while they are on-property, leading to increased loyalty and driving repeat visits.

Increase On-Site Spending

Increase on-site spending throughout your integrated resort by cross-promoting hotel, retail and restaurant options. And guide guests to these areas with wayfinding functionality. Generate excitement and additional spending by celebrating winners and displaying progressive jackpots on screens throughout your property.

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