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Plus 5  Improve the banking experience with visual communications.

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Customers walk into your banks to get a variety of services: help with their accounts, apply for a business loan, wire transfers. Use the time they spend in your locations to give them key information they need and inform them about new products or services. Four Winds Interactive offers a digital signage solution that provides a powerful new way to interact with your customers. From one centralized, and user-friendly system banks can deploy interactive content, detailed product information, and stream video. Our industry-leading solution increases customer satisfaction, cross-selling opportunities and reduces the perceived wait time at your locations.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers come from all walks of life and circumstance. With a wide array of applications built specifically for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, you can ensure you display relevant content all of your customers find engaging and informative. Enhance your brand through promotional content and influence your clientele through powerful visuals. Customize messaging by branch location, demographic information and time of day for targeted visual merchandising.

Improve Cross-Sell Opportunities

You have a captive audience when customers are at your retail branches. Maximize this opportunity by promoting your many products or services through engaging visuals and graphics. Educating your clients with informative content will increase sales and improved loyalty.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Strategically placed digital signs coupled with engaging content can help reduce perceived wait times for your customers and reduce stress for your staff. Digital Signage gives you an ideal platform to provide relevant, fresh content that is both applicable and valuable to your audience. Use the Four Winds App Library to add in automatic feeds for news, weather, traffic updates and more.

Want to learn more about FWI’s solution for financial institution?  Use the tabbed sections at the top of the page to view applications that have been designed specifically for the banking industry, third party interrogations, educational resources and examples of client implementations.

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