Marquee signs were once used almost exclusively by theaters and similar venues to create a sense of excitement and to attract patrons to a show or a performance. Today many organizations try to build interest for their own events by using an electronic marquee for announcements.

Electronic marquees can be found in a wide range of venues. Colleges and high schools frequently use them as a way to mark the main entrance to their campuses and to provide information to the public about performing arts presentations or football games. At fairgrounds or convention centers, marquees display announcements about upcoming shows and events. Churches feature sermon topics and inspirational messages on their marquees.

Attract an Audience with Good Electronic Marquee Design
A well-designed and colorful electronic marquee demands attention and helps create the desired sense of excitement about an event. It says, “Here’s something that’s worth noticing.”

But for an already overworked staff at a college, church, or high school, designing a marquee sign might feel like an overwhelming challenge. So when it comes to choosing the software to program that sign, it’s essential to select a product that’s both powerful and user-friendly.

When evaluating digital signage software, the purchaser should take a good look at its user interface. Is it intuitive? Can someone with basic knowledge of common Windows programs (like Microsoft Office, for example) quickly understand the various keyboard commands and drag-and-drop options? If the marquee software is too difficult or too complex to master, the organization will not get the maximum benefit from its sign.

What kind of assistance does the software provider offer? There should be free training (but not training that drags on for weeks—that’s a warning signal that the software is too hard to use). Can the software provider develop easily-adapted templates that the staff can change and modify for different events? Does it have on-staff designers who can make suggestions about the most attractive and most compelling signage designs?

Finally, does the software allow the organization to incorporate data from its own files (such as graphics or images)? Staff members don’t need to spend the limited time they have trying to recreate a school’s logo or mascot image for an overly-demanding signage management system.

Getting the Most from an Electronic Marquee
If you’re in the market for an electronic marquee, check out the digital signage gallery from Four Winds Interactive to see examples of some of the best in the industry.

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