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Convention Centers

Convention Centers are like small cities where it is easy to get lost or frustrated. Keep your guests engaged and informed throughout your property with the latest in dynamic display technology. Four Winds Interactive offers a visual communications solution that can help you build and manage all onsite digital media with one centralized system. Our solution has been designed to be simple to use -drag and drop content management- and built-in access to content apps designed for the Convention enter industry. The result? You can quickly build and deploy a digital signage network that enhances your visitor experience, improves efficiency and boosts revenue.

Enhance Your Visitor Experience

With thousands of visitors each day, you need to make it easy for your guests to quickly navigate to meetings and eating venues. Keep them informed with interactive wayfinding and event readerboards that draw them in with engaging graphics. Make them feel welcome by providing useful information on the city, upcoming events, weather, travel guides, and more, all on a series of display panels that you control seamlessly.

Improve Efficiency

Increase operational efficiencies by centralizing the management of all your digital communications. The FWI system can manage multiple screens and an unlimited number of data inputs, from internal data that you maintain through your event management system feeds that can automatically update weather, traffic, news feeds or streaming video. Leverage the FWI App Store to add new data streams and automatically refresh images.

Boost Revenue

Encourage your guests to get more use out of your venue by promoting on-site food, beverage and retail options. Provide a dynamic advertising venure for local businesses to improve relationships and drive additional revenue streams.

Want to learn more about FWI’s Convention Center solution? Use the tabbed sections at the top of the page to view applications designed specifically for Convention Centers, third-party integrations, educational resources and examples of client implementations.

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