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Plus 5  Educate students, faculty and guests throughout your campus with visual communications.

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What is the Big Man on Campus known for? Being ‘in the know.’ Use digital signage to keep your students, visitors, staff, and faculty engaged, informed and empowered throughout your extended campus. Four Winds Interactive offers a visual communications solution that gives you the means to control all of your digital content with one centralized and user-friendly system. FWI’s solution has been designed to be simple to use – drag and drop content management and built-in access to content apps designed for colleges and universities. The result? You can quickly build and deploy an intelligent, dynamic communications system that educates and informs, boosts recruiting and improves campus efficiency.

Educate and Inform

With thousands of students and visitors each day and a far-flung campus, you need to ensure they know how to navigate to locate classes, buildings, events and other activities. Keep your audience informed with the latest in digital technology by displaying mapping, transportation schedules, building directories, news, events, donor walls, emergency messaging and more.

Boost Recruiting

Potential students visit campus throughout the year. Entice and delight them by communicating in the high-tech, interactive format they’re accustomed to and expect. It will give your campus a new and updated look, and it’s a powerful tool to showcase what your university offers.

Improve Efficiency

Use a single platform to centralize campus communications, providing consistent messaging, streamlined content development and easier management by IT.  FWI’s built-in data integration capability gives you the ability to tie directly into your existing back-end data systems to automatically update class schedules, events, special performances or instantly broadcast security alerts.

Want to learn more about FWI’s Higher Education solution? Use the tabbed sections at the top of the page to view applications designed specifically for the education industry, third-party integrations, educational resources and examples of client implementations.

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