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Dynamic Digital Signage

From digital media to signage solutions to narrowcasting, the digital display industry has its fair share of ambiguous and/or esoteric terminology, and dynamic digital signage is no exception. Various companies have marketed their products, services, and system capabilities as dynamic. As a result, the term has become something of a buzz word for an industry that can’t quite decide what exactly the term should mean. But it’s still worthwhile to understand the various ways in which the term is applied and to consider how these qualities might be incorporated into your own system.

Image-Based Dynamic Digital Signage
This is one of the most common ways in which the term is used. Simply put, this refers to the difference between digital content that moves versus photo stills and other static images that are displayed. Motion-based images can be achieved through video content or computer-generated moving images. Obviously, a combination of dynamic and static images is also possible and even beneficial in some commercial applications. What’s more, there are definite pros and cons for each: Motion-based images are generally better for grabbing the attention of your audience, but static-based images allow for easier reading and absorption of advertising and branding content.

Dynamic Digital Signage Implementation
Dynamic digital signage may also refer to the ability of these systems to change, rotate, and transition the content of a digital display. There are dozens of applications for these types of changeovers: A storefront sign can alternate time, temperature, and company name on a digital ticker. A highway billboard can advertise for one company during the morning commute and another company during evenings and weekends. A restaurant can simply flip a switch to change from the breakfast menu board to the lunch menu. A retail store can design weekly, monthly, and/or seasonal content signs that deploy customized advertising strategies. Indeed, this ability is the bread-and-butter of digital displays, and what truly sets them apart from conventional paper postings.

Dynamic Content Design
Digital display technology is a boon to businesses and industries constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and establish a competitive advantage, but it’s still no substitute for innovative content that creates a lasting impression in customers, clients, or other audiences. Given the high visibility of digital boards, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with gratuitously dynamic screens. But you can’t rely on the visual appeal of these displays to do all the work, either. Ideally, you want to strike the right balance.

Four Winds Interactive Dynamic Digital Signage Software
The one thing that all these communications have in common is the software that makes it possible. Without this software, no image could be displayed, whether dynamic or static. Software is also responsible for running and managing different content channels that allows the network manager to schedule various sign displays at predetermined times. And while the content design may be conceived on a computer program, video camera, white board, or the mind of a graphic artist, transferring and editing the content into the signage system requires the right software application. This software is precisely what FWI has to offer your business or organization. Our industry-leading iDS® software solution will deliver superior capability, usability, reliability, while our highly-rated services make implementation easier than ever before. To learn more about our products or to set up a time for a live demo of our dynamic digital signage, please feel free to Contact Us.

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