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Generate Excitement with Window Signage

Have you ever noticed which store windows you’re more likely to check out as you’re walking down a street? They’re not always the windows with the biggest signs, and maybe not even the stores with the most colorful signs. These days the only window signage that really stands out is animated—and that means digital signs.

Digital signs are inviting and they are intriguing. Even people who are hurrying by most storefronts may pause—if only for a second—to see what’s going on at a store that has a digital display sign in its windows. Whether it’s an instinct that comes from the days when our ancestors had to be very aware of their surroundings or whether it’s simply a learned behavior (we do get addicted to television from a very early age), it’s hard for us to resist taking at least a glimpse when there’s something moving across the edges of our vision. Digital window signage provides that movement and demands our attention.

Why Stores Need Outstanding Window Signage
Window signage can be a make or break proposition for any retail store. Unless a store is the only one of its kind for miles around, it’s likely to need every competitive advantage in an economy where everyone is pinching pennies.

How many drug stores might you pass while walking four city blocks or driving a few miles along a busy suburban road? If you’re the owner of one of those drug stores, you want to do everything you can to make your store stand out in people’s memories. Suppose you program your digital window sign to provide weather updates along with the latest information about the merchandise you’re selling. When people run out of shampoo or toothpaste they’re more likely to remember your store because they’ve stopped and looked at the weather information a few times.

Animated window signs will help people identify you and bring them into your store.

An Important Choice: Window Signage Software
When it comes to controlling your digital window signs, not all software is created equal. Fortunately, the software package from Four Winds Interactive offers everything that you need to control multiple window signs and other digital signs throughout your store.

FWI software is easy to use and to learn, so that you can keep the content of your window signs fresh and interesting for people to read. You can integrate content that you’ve created in Word and PowerPoint documents into your signs so that you don’t have to waste time recreating images and information.

Don’t let people pass by your store without giving it a second look. Contact Us today to learn more about how FWI can help you increase customers’ interest in your store and its offerings.

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