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Safety Signage for Businesses and Public Venues

Safety signage is a staple at myriads of public areas today. Swimming pools are riddled with “no running”, “no diving”, and “no lifeguard on duty” postings. Public buildings display “no smoking” and “fire exit”. Warehouses and construction sites post warnings to people of hazardous materials, forklifts in use, and the need for foot/head/eye/ear protection. Entertainment venues use slippery surface, first aid, and emergency phone signs. If you’re considering what alerts should be present at your venue or business location, consider the following applications when thinking about your upcoming project.

Reasons to Install Safety Signage
There are four primary reasons that businesses implement safety signage. Often, postings will serve more than one purpose, sometimes even helping organizations reach all four goals at once. However, it can be instructive to consider each reason separately as you go about implementing these posts in your business location.

  • Complying with Regulations: Whether it’s federal, state, or local statutes, complying with regulations is one of the primary motivations for installing these types of cautionary posts at your location. If you’re committing a building code violation, your other reasons for using these signs will seem less critical to larger program. Fortunately, most of these regulations tend to also address other goals on this list.
  • Monetary Benefits: Typically, there are financial incentives for the design and deployment of caution signs. One of these incentives is lower premiums for your business insurance. Obviously, you should check with your insurance provider to determine what discounts may be available and what you need to do to qualify for them. There’s also likely to be a soft return on your investment in the form of improved customer relations.
  • Customer/Public Relations: As a business, you don’t want to create the impression that your business location is unsafe. Being proactive in making your business safe can help bolster your company’s image and brand.
  • Public Safety and Ethical Behavior: In the end, postings that help keep people safe should promote the best public standards possible. Specifically, when a hazard is recognized and a sign can help mitigate the risk, responsible business owners will tackle the problem even when liability, monetary benefits, and public relations are not an immediate part of the equation.

Not Loud, but Not Ignored
In designing effective caution signs, one must strike a balance between familiarity and getting the attention of a target audience. Essentially everybody knows what a “no smoking” sign or slippery surface or fire extinguisher sign look like. They are easily recognizable to the average adult. Yet, you don’t want safety signage that blends into its surroundings so well that it doesn’t get seen at all. In addition, there may be situations in which you want to modify the content of your notices. For such functions, a digital display can be the perfect solution. With a digital, you can change content again and again to fit your needs, but you can also make them attention-grabbing. Contact Us today for a demo of our digital safety signage.

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