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Selecting Software for Readerboard Signs

Readerboard signs provide a versatile and cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers. These clear, crisp, colorful displays attract attention and create impressions that people remember.

Some companies may be reluctant to use readerboard signs because they don’t feel that they have the necessary skills to create effective and attractive content. But with the right digital display software, anyone with a basic knowledge of computers (and that’s most people these days) can easily learn to design, update and schedule compelling content.

Here are some questions to ask when you’re considering a software purchase for this type of digital signage:

Does the software have an intuitive interface?
It’s much easier to design a readerboard display when the software uses the same basic interfaces as other Windows program. Does right clicking on an object bring up a properties menu? Does the software include drag and drop features? Look for mouse and keyboard shortcuts that are familiar and comfortable for Windows users.

Does the software support the incorporation of live data? Of interactive features?
If the format you’re designing for is slated for an outdoor location, you may want to include time and temperature information. On interior readerboard signs, you may want to offer weather updates and the latest headline news. You may also want to include interactive features and menus that allow people to select options for additional information on some product, service or event.

Even if you’re not planning on including features like these at the current time, you may want to incorporate them in the future. Not all display software can provide those capabilities.

Can I draw content from other types of files?
You may have company logos or maps of your business that you’d like to include in your media. Or, if you’re planning on offering interactive features, there may be a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that could work perfectly as an introduction to your company’s products and services. Be sure that the software you’re considering allows you to take advantage of all the valuable information that you already have in your files. There’s no point in recreating everything.

Does the software offer design templates? WYSIWYG previews?
Although you want your readerboard signs to look good, you want to spend your time running your business not creating digital content. So you’ll want a software package that comes with easy-to-change templates and that allows you to preview how it will appear exactly on your screen.

For display software that offers all of these features—and many more—check out Four Winds Interactive (FWI). FWI offers powerful yet user-friendly software that will make creating effective readerboards and other visual formats easier than you ever thought it could be. Contact Us today to learn more about our dynamic readerboard signs.

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