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Showcase Your Business with a Marquee Sign

Many years ago, when the marquee sign was employed primarily to showcase theater and movie events, the perimeters of the boards featured bright incandescent bulbs that were programmed to flash or to blink on and off in a pattern. The lights and the movement attracted extra attention—they made people pause and look. In those days, this created a sense of excitement.

Times have changed and today many more businesses are now using a different version of the old classic. But these have not been as eye-catching or as attention-getting as their predecessors. Whether the old way was sitting in front of a store in a strip shopping center, mounted on the exterior of a restaurant or even perched on the roof of an auto mechanic’s garage, it usually featured a white background, with black and sometimes red lettering (all in the same, one-size font) spelling out the message. Marquees had become boring.

That’s all changed thanks to the advent of digital signage. Today’s digital remakes of marquee signs are just as exciting as the original theater versions, if not more so. In fact, they’re even more colorful and versatile.

A Digital Marquee Sign Brings Messages to Life
People passing by modern digital marquees find them just as hard to resist as the originals, because these new signs employ multiple devices to attract attention. They feature bright, bold, lighted lettering that stands out in the visual landscape. They may incorporate colorful, animated images to help convey their message. They can include flashing lights like the originals, but they can also include special effects such as scrolling text and screens that fade in and fade out.

Another advantage of today’s marquee signs: they can provide so much more information than their predecessors. A digital sign can be programmed to show multiple screens, so it can display the name of a business, a brief glimpse of its product offerings, its hours of information, and a contact number. A traditional sign that included all that information would be overcrowded and unreadable.

Marquee Sign: Creating a Dazzling Display
Businesses today need the right software to create a digital display that’s both eye-catching and effective. That’s why so many companies are turning to Four Winds Interactive for all their display needs.

FWI’s content manager and content player are versatile and powerful, but also easy to use. With the assistance of FWI, and using data and images from their own files, businesses can quickly learn to create the content and other types of media that will get them the positive attention they want.

To learn more about the capabilities of FWI’s marquee sign software, check out our Gallery. Then contact us today for a free consultation on how to make your digital marquee sign a standout.

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