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Exploring the Options for a Kiosk Purchase

Are you thinking about making a digital kiosk purchase? As you go through the process of researching and pricing various options, remember that the kiosk hardware is only part of the equation. The software you choose to power your digital kiosk may be more important in determining your ultimate satisfaction with your kiosk purchase than the hardware.

It is, after all, the software that you will use to create your kiosk screens and to update them. If the software component of your kiosk purchase is too limited, you won’t be able to achieve the look or the functionalities you want your kiosk to have.

Tips on Software Selection for Your Kiosk Purchase
When you’re considering a digital kiosk software package, one of the primary considerations should be its capabilities. Does the software support interactive features? (You may not want them immediately, but it’s possible you may want to add them in the future.) Does it offer built-in wayfinding/mapping capabilities? Does it allow for emergency messaging overrides, or for live feeds from cable or satellite sources? If control of your kiosk and other digital signage from a remote location is important, be sure to ask if the software has any Web-based control capabilities.

Another important factor in your kiosk purchase is the software’s ease of use. Most companies don’t have the budget to dedicate a full-time employee to creating and maintaining digital signage. That means you’ll want software that an average computer user can learn easily and feel comfortable using. (If your employees aren’t comfortable operating your digital signage they’ll find excuses not to do it. That means you won’t get the results you hoped for when investing in a kiosk.)

You’ll want to know if the software is proprietary and works with only a certain brand of kiosk hardware. In most cases, it’s better to go with a non-proprietary product, since that gives you the greatest flexibility in adding or replacing equipment in your kiosk inventory.

Finally, ask about the number of kiosks and other digital signs the software is capable of supporting. You may have plans for only a few kiosks at present, but as you begin to see the advantages of digital signage you’re likely to want to add more. Some digital signage software is limited in the number of signs it can control.

Get Solid Advice on Your Purchase
Before you make any decisions on what software to purchase it’s a good idea to talk to leading companies in the field—like Four Winds Interactive.

With FWI’s experience in providing digital signage software for many different markets, it’s in a good position to offer guidance on your purchase. FWI can help you assess your digital kiosk needs and then make recommendations about the hardware and software products that will answer those needs.

Use the Contact Form to arrange for a free, no-obligation demonstration of its powerful digital signage software. In addition, be sure to check out the Digital Signage Gallery for some ideas on what FWI can do for you.

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