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If your business or organization is considering the use of digital kiosks to fill a customer service need, it’s essential that you fully investigate not only the kiosk hardware but also the software that you’ll use to program and mange it. Whether you’re looking for vending, concierge, or internet kiosk software, there are some questions that you should be asking about it before you buy.

1. How easy is this vending, concierge, or internet kiosk software to learn and to use? .
If the software for kiosks that you’re investigating takes weeks of training or requires a degree in computer science to operate, it’s not a good choice. Are you really going to dedicate a high-level professional to keeping your kiosk updated? You need software that someone with average computer skills (like someone who knows their way around Microsoft office) can learn to update and manage in just a few hours (not dozens of hours).

If the internet kiosk software or vending software is too complex to be mastered easily, your kiosks won’t be updated—and that makes them less effective and a waste of time and resources.

2. How much flexibility do I have with this concierge or vending or internet kiosk software?
Can I use it to power multiple kiosks? Once you have discovered how valuable one kiosk can be you’re likely to want to add others.

Can it work with kiosks from more than one manufacturer? The kiosk that was perfect for one application might not be the right choice in another—or the manufacturer of your current kiosk may now be out of business. You want to steer away from proprietary software for kiosks that limits you to one manufacturer or to software that can manage only a limited number of machines.

3. Which files of my own can I use with this concierge or vending or internet kiosk software?
Do you have the time or the inclination to recreate all of the graphics or directory or program information that’s in your current files to program your new digital kiosk? If you can think of better ways that you and your employees can fill that time, make sure that you select internet kiosk software or vending software that enables you to access data from your current files.

Where to Find the Right Software for Kiosks
No matter what type of kiosk software you’re looking for—vending, concierge, or internet—Four Winds Interactive can handle all of your needs.

FWI’s powerful kiosk software meets all the checklist requirements: it’s easy to learn and use, it works with kiosk hardware from a variety of manufacturers, and it can handle an unlimited number of digital kiosks from one central location. Plus, with FWI software you can incorporate data from your own files into your digital kiosk screens.

To learn more about choosing the right software for your digital kiosk program, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for a free demo or a custom price quote.