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Electronic Church Signs Bring Communities Together

Religious congregations look for ways of connecting the members of their communities with each other and for a means of connecting with members of the community at large. Electronic church signs can assist with both those efforts.

Many large worship houses today offer dozens of services to members, everything from pastoral counseling and Bible study to day care and nursery school classes. The buildings that accommodate these varied offerings are so large that it can be difficult for members to simply find their way around. If a meeting gets moved at the last minute, members can spend half the scheduled time just trying to find its new location.

Digital displays that offer updated meeting and wayfinding assistance can solve those problems. Like other types of display boards, those used for churches are easy to update from a central location—like a church office—so the pastor or an administrator can quickly make any necessary corrections to meeting room locations. More elaborate digital signs for churches can also include interactive options, so that a visitor could select from a menu to learn more about the church’s history, its current congregation, its nursery school, or its charitable assistance programs.

Help Build Connections to the Wider Community
Community outreach is an important part of the work of most church congregations, and electronic church signs are helpful in that endeavor as well. To attract the interest of potential new members, the chapels can post topics of upcoming sermons on a screen facing the road. Some ministers use the sign to stimulate thought (and possibly raise attendance) with short, pithy observations or spiritual quotes.

Many houses of worship hold events that are designed to attract a wider community. When people pass by attractive electronic church signs that announce an important speaker, a church supper or a family fun festival, that event tends to get noticed.

Creating Attractive Electronic Church Signs
Churches are often full of projects but short on paid help and volunteers. So the last thing they need is another problem, like media that’s difficult to manage. The software that powers a sign for a religious building should be easy enough for an average computer user to master. The software should be capable of operating this system from several different manufacturers, since churches usually have to budget these purchases over several years and manufactures and models can change during that time.

Most important, a church needs a software provider that has a proven record of performance and a support staff with a track record of backing its customers.

Four Winds Interactive has that kind of software and that kind of track record. FWI has an understanding of the daily operating needs of all types of houses of worship and the experience of working with clients in this exact space, and we can recommend a program that will meet the needs of a congregation without breaking its budget.

Check out our Gallery for examples of the work we have provided for various clients, then Contact Us for a free, no-obligation demonstration of our electronic church signs and see how they can help your church make all kinds of community connections through a carefully planned and well-executed program.

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