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Building Lobby Digital Signage

Lobby digital signage is a great way to show customers and guests what services are available and where destinations are located throughout a building or larger facility. As many buildings see a huge amount of foot traffic each day, lobby attendants are not a practical or cost-effective solution. Yet, traditional paper signage fails to grab people’s attention and, unlike digital signs, has a very limited capacity to broadcast information. For any business or organization looking to improve the guest/visitor experience, lobby digital signage is a sure-fire upgrade to your marketing strategies and promotional materials.

Lobby Digital Signage
There are many advantages that come with placing digital displays or kiosks in your lobby, but the primary advantage is the same as it is for any dynamic signage system. And that’s versatility. Rather than manufacturing an entirely new sign board every time you want to update your content, digital software allows for endless permutations with only a fraction of the time and money required with traditional, paper signage. This exponentially increases your messaging capacity and promotional strategies. It’s a great way to cater to repeat visitors. After a while, static signage is tuned out by people who have seen it too often. With new, timely content, customers and visitors will actually seek out your lobby digital signage to find out the latest news about the activities in your building.

Software Applications for Lobby Digital Signage
To help our clients capitalize on this inherent benefit of digital signs, we’ve developed software applications for specific industries that address their unique needs. One or more of these applications, combined with our iDS® software solution, will create a lobby digital signage system that is second-to-none.

  • Building Directory: This is a common need for many different types of buildings including apartments, universities, skyscrapers, and office parks. This software application allows building managers to customize their directory offerings: You can deploy a simple eye-catching display of tenant listings or more sophisticated content such as building maps, office hours, emergency information, live news feeds, weather forecasts, etc. The displays can be static or interactive.
  • Virtual Concierge: This application can act as either a replacement or complement to the traditional concierge. This is versatility squared, as you can show as much, or as little, content as you want. That said, hospitality venues frequently populate this application with local maps, flight arrival/departure information, business and stock information, nearby restaurants and menus, and weather and a live news feed.
  • Event List: This application shows exactly why paper signage simply doesn’t cut it for buildings and businesses with dynamic information needs. As soon as you need to update information about current or future events, you can simply plug data into the system, and your signs will reflect the change. The number of confused and frustrated visitors drop, while the attendance at all your events rise.
  • Wayfinding: This application is perfect for lobbies that want it all. Folding all the information from building directories, maps, and event lists all into one display, your visitors will have an interactive tool that uses animated icons that show the location, time, and information for all the building’s events and services. A pathdrawing function and printable step-by-step directions will help even the most lost-prone visitors find their way.

The FWI Advantage
Having completed signage projects for hotels, corporate offices, casinos, convention centers, government buildings, hospitals, and stadiums, we’ve seen lobbies and buildings of all shapes and sizes. We’ve helped organizations increase services and decrease costs; we’ve helped businesses meet their bottom-line goals. Our team of project managers, signage architects, content developers, and installation professionals will bring our experience and expertise to the individual needs and opportunities of your enterprise. Please feel free to Contact Us to learn more about software and services, to set up a time to demo our lobby digital signage, or to develop a custom price quote for your project.

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