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Guests Appreciate Hotel Reader Boards’ Convenience

Although every hotel tries to provide personal assistance to its guests, there are times when the staff is working at capacity just to handle the demands of guests checking in or checking out. Hotel reader boards can help ensure that guests don’t have to wait in long lines when all they want is directions to a meeting room or information about the hotel restaurant’s hours of operations.

Hotel reader boards make it easier for guests to navigate through the hotel. They provide a graphic, comprehensive overview of the location of guest rooms, meeting rooms, and amenities like restaurants, fitness centers, and gift shops. They help guests get their bearings quickly.

Hotel Reader Boards: Custom Designed for Every Location
Display boards in hotels can be designed to reflect the ambiance of their locations, whether it’s a casual, family-style hotel, an elegant get-away resort or a business-oriented conference center. To see how different styles work in different settings, consider these two hotel reader boards designed by Four Winds Interactive (FWI).

The GoBoard™ is a virtual concierge featured at newly updated Courtyard by Marriott hotels. This bright, colorful 57-inch, LCD touch-screen display includes content from a variety of sources. A live feed from USA Today provides news, sports scores, lifestyle features, and more, while Microsoft’s Virtual Earth offers an interactive map that allows visitors to get information on local attractions and restaurants. The GoBoard also includes stock market prices, weather reports, and information on airport flight displays. This hotel reader board is a great source of important information for business people who want to get certain information and then get on their way.

In Chicago, theWit hotel wanted a playful yet sophisticated feel for its hotel reader boards, which are located in 11 different locations throughout the facility. Its electronic signage replicates the lightning bolt on the building’s exterior, creating a sense of consistency throughout the property. Although these digital signs include a brief weather summary, their focus is on the events taking place at the property that day.

Choosing the Right Software for Hotel Reader Boards
Although the Courtyard by Marriott and theWit hotel wanted very different looks for their guests, FWI’s was able to create the perfect solutions for each via its powerful digital signage software. FWI’s user-friendly content management tools made it easy for both hotels to integrate data from their own software systems and from other sources as well, allowing them to deliver the content that’s most important to their guests.

Visit FWI’s digital sign gallery to see more examples of how hotels are using FWI-designed display boards to meet their guests’ needs. Then Contact Us today for a live demonstration of how it can help your hotel serve its own guests better through the use of digital boards.

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