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Ease patient and visitor stress with visual communications.


More than ever, hospitals and healthcare providers understand the value of connecting with their patients and associates. Providers who effectively engage their communities are improving outcomes by educating and increasing visibility to available services, increasing engagement to create full lifecycle care continuums and increasing services delivered. Employee engagement can materially improve patient results, staff morale, performance metrics, and retention.


Visiting a healthcare facility can be challenging and stressful for patients and visitors alike. With powerful visual applications specifically designed to inform and assist, FWI empowers you to create a healthcare experience that improves patient satisfaction, increase efficiencies, and empowers hospital staff.

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See how real clients use FWI.


Every digital signage solution is unique. See how hospitals and other healthcare facilities have leveraged FWI’s visual communications solution to increase patient satisfaction and empower their staff.

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Applications for Healthcare.

We'll make it easy for you.  One solution for all of your communication needs.

FWI provides a broad suite of applications and solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Whether hospital wayfinding, staff directories, emergency messaging, or any of the dozens of other relevant applications, it’s never been easier enhance the healthcare experience with useful, relevant information.

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Forward: The Digital Experience Conference

2015 featured speakers from: Google, EY, Microsoft, Bank of America, Accenture – and more!


We're Different

Joe Giebel, Chief of Staff gives insight as to why organizations constantly approach us to replace a competitor’s failing platform.

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Case Study

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital: implemented digital signs to ease the patient experience.


Integrations for your environment

Integrate data and content from any source to any screen.

To keep signs fresh, it’s important that your content and data remain dynamic and easily maintainable. Our integrations allow you to leverage your existing data for use with our products. Whether it’s to pull down meeting and event information, key performance indicators, sales figures or to tap in to your social presence, we have you covered.


Solution Type Adapters
Human Resources Fitbit, Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, LinkedIn.
Executive Management FusionCharts HTTP, FusionCharts OLEDB, Google Calendar, Sharepoint, Oracle, SAP Netweaver, Google Sheets, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Yammer, Salesforce Integration, Smart Sheets,, Lightlink, Remember the Milk, TIBCO, Ungerboek, Epicore, Archybus, Computrition.
Marketing Brightcove Video Cloud, Clickatell HTTP, Facebook, Azure, Youtube, Yelp, Twitter, Eventbrite, Picasa.
Facilities Management CM Mobile Wayfinding, Dean Evans EMS Enterprise, Dean Evans EMS Kiosk Workplace, Dean Evans EMS Workplace, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, Micros, Open Barcode, Open Directory.

Our native Content Manager and Content Player software inherently have direct integration to a myriad of data sources, similar to those listed above. These can be leveraged cross platform to display relevant information in a timely manner. For more complex integrations, including bidirectional communication, FWI’s Integration Framework allows for a communication layer to be placed between the data source and the visual communication device to manage server traffic and the translation from native APIs to ingestible data. Integration Framework and its management tool, Integration Studio, allow for the management of data adapters for a growing number of supported integrations and the ability to custom create new adapters as needed.

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