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Cruise Line Touch Screen Signs

Cruise ships have been using for digital displays for their guests and staff for more than a decade now, but the new generation of digital signage technology has upped the ante with versatile and cost-effective software systems, including interactive touch screens. These cruise line touch screen signs are exponentially increasing the amount of information that these ships can effectively communicate to their guests. And rather than bombard guests with digital information boards at every turn, these more subtle signs and kiosks help return the romantic, escapist feel that cruise ships are known for.

Cruise Line Touch Screen Signs and Interactivity
Needless to say, interactivity is the key feature with cruise line touch screen signs. It’s not just the amount of information that can be disseminated but the personalized manner in which it’s accessed. Digital menu categories can be crafted to triage information about ship amenities and events, as well as off-ship excursions, in a way that’s familiar and efficient for today’s guests. In no more than a handful of touches, guests can locate and navigate to their favorite casino games, spa offerings, precise exercise equipment, various food and beverage vendors, etc. Pathfinding capabilities can even plot the best course for guests to take through the ship in travelling to their next destination. In this way, cruise line touch screen signs dramatically and consistently reduce guest inquiries and complaints, while freeing up the rest of your staff to deliver other guest services.

Cruise Line Touch Screen Signs and Custom Guest Services
As cruise line executives know, being “plugged-in” can be a touchy subject for certain guests. Much of the appeal of taking a cruise is the opportunity to forgo the laptop, cell phone, and other hand-held mobile devices that serve as another appendage for many people. For some guests, this may be the only chance all year that they can escape from this plugged-in way of life. Yet, other guests, while still eager to unwind, must at least be within reach to safeguard the well-being of their business and/or other enterprises.

Many cruise ships walk the line between these two guest experiences by creating a cyber café where people can go to access the Internet, but otherwise remain out of touch from the modern world. Yet, cruise line touch screen signs add another dimension to customize this choice (they may also be featured in these cafes) and may offer the perfect balance of limited connectivity. Moreover, even guests who adamantly want to avoid being plugged-in have grown accustomed to a digital interface to find their information.

Services and Software by Four Winds Interactive (FWI)
The success of your interactive touch screen displays will largely depend on the quality of the software running the system. FWI has developed one of the most versatile, but also easy-to-use, signage software solutions. This software delivers a range of germane applications including wayfinding, event lists, guest room TV displays, menu boards, virtual concierge, ship directories, emergency messaging, and employee communication.

Perhaps, just as important, with complex data integration and a user-friendly content management program, cruise line management will never believe how easy it is to manage the system and its content offerings. Plus, our experienced team of project managers, signage architects, content developers, installation service, and technical support make for seamless implementation of your system from the get-go. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to learn more about our software and services, to set up a time to demo our products, or to develop a custom price quote for your project.

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