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Digital Signage for Education

Improving campus experiences with digital signage!

Use a single digital signage solution to grab the attention of your students, while at the same time improving communication to your faculty, staff and visitors. Digital signage can help you visualize your message and break through the clutter of boring paper signage with a dynamic way to show event details, building directories, campus mapping, emergency messaging.

Digital signage is an impressive addition to any campus' visual communication. Not only is it an attention-grabbing tool to attract the interest of your students and visitors, but it's a key component in every campus' emergency alert efforts. FWi's comprehensive digital signage software package has a built-in emergency messaging interface giving you the ability to quickly blast out important safety alerts at the touch of a button.

FWi's digital signage solution gives your campus a dynamic communication solution that not only attracts the attention of your students, but also offers you a unique method to get your message noticed. With FWi you have the knowledge and experience of a company that has done the implementations for some of the largest education digital signage projects and University of Phoenix nationwide.

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What digital signage can do:
  • Notify students, staff & visitors of emergencies
  • Increase campus safety
  • Show detailed maps for easy navigation
  • Notify students of upcoming events
  • Integrate with your campus network TV channel
  • Display top news stories & live internet content
  • Display menus for campus restaurants & cafes
Where digital signage can go:
  • Building lobbies
  • Outdoor campus locations
  • Campus eateries
  • Students unions
  • Campus facility entrances
  • Conference centers
  • Stadiums and arenas

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  • Emergency messaging
  • Campus mapping
  • Event display
  • Display class schedules
  • Donor wall applications
  • Library events & visitor information
  • Campus network TV channel integration

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