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The Advantages of a Digital Building Directory

Building directories have been around pretty much ever since there have been large-scale buildings. Easy building navigation and resident identification are important features for many different types of residential, business, and commercial building tenants and visitors. In the past, static and paper signage have "gotten the job done" as building directories go, but a digital building directory is advantageous on multiple fronts. Digital displays are easy to spot and easy to read. More importantly, however, content management and content player software programs allow these digital displays to be instantly and efficiently updated to ensure accurate information. They create solid opportunities for company and building branding. And dynamic and/or interactive digital displays can also bolster visual communication for both visitors and occupants, fostering a sense of community within the building. (more)

Cruise Line Navigation Signs

While the helmsman surely thinks of "no wake zones," "no anchorage," and "low clearance dam" signs, once a cruise ship is out in open waters, cruise line navigation signs more likely speak to the activities director and scores of passengers looking for the nearest bar service, cyber café, spa, and other entertainment and recreation areas. As cruise line enthusiasts and managers know, navigating around these massive ships is not always a straightforward, intuitive process. (more)

Cruise Line Touch Screen Signs

Cruise ships have been using for digital displays for their guests and staff for more than a decade now, but the new generation of digital signage technology has upped the ante with versatile and cost-effective software systems, including interactive touch screens. These cruise line touch screen signs are exponentially increasing the amount of information that these ships can effectively communicate to their guests. And rather than bombard guests with digital information boards at every turn, these more subtle signs and kiosks help return the romantic, escapist feel that cruise ships are known for. (more)

Cruise Ship Digital Signage

The cruise line and digital sign industries run on a parallel path with one another. Each industry focuses on optimizes guest services, cutting-edge amenities, and luxurious settings for both middle-class and affluent clientele. And while cruise liners have been around for more than a century and digital signs have been around for only a decade or two, these mutual goals have fostered dovetailing interests and increasingly consistent partnerships. Indeed, nowadays, a project for cruise ship digital signage is more likely an upgrade or overhaul of digital signs than an initial installation. But no matter where your fleet currently stands with its visual communication and information services, it will behoove you to take a look another look at these exciting signage systems. (more)

Airline Digital Signage

The Federal Aviation Administration has enough on their plate trying "to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world." Surprisingly, FAA-regulated scheduled departure times do not account for delays caused by air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, crew availability, or weather. But what many people don't realize is that the company Flyte Systems tracks and publishes this information in real-time. More importantly, Four Winds Interactive (FWi) and Flyte Systems have teamed up to deliver this information to air travelers. (more)

Airport Digital Signage

Airport digital signage is most often associated with the automated ticketing kiosks and ubiquitous arrival/departure information boards. For many air travelers, however, the most useful type of digital sign is the display board that can be found before heading to the airport. From last-minute flight changes to airport-wide delays, timely information can save travel-weary passengers many hours of futile waiting by notifying them of lengthy delays ahead of time. While not all air travelers leave from the same place, there are certain locations that are more likely to see these travelers than others. And these venues have started installing airport digital signage in common areas. (more)

Reader Board Service Provides Boost to Customer Care

Lighted, colorful digital lobby signage is often the first thing that draws guests' attention when they enter a hotel. When you include interactive reader board services in that signage, guests have a positive response. They like being able to navigate their way around the facility with the sign's wayfinding features. They enjoy learning more about the amenities the hotel offers. They like having immediate access to news headlines, sports scores, weather reports, and airline flight information. (more)

Reader Board Marquee: Reaching Out in a Big Way

Like all digital signage, an outdoor reader board marquee offers a unique opportunity to reach customers, blending colorful lettering, animated images, and even flashing and scrolling text to compel attention from passersby. Unlike traditional marquees, today's digital marquees can be updated electronically so they're easy to keep current. A sign owner that wants to change a marquee no longer has to find all the required individual letters, wait for a good weather day, haul out the ladder, then climb up and down several times to change out the message. Instead, sitting in a warm, comfortable office, the sign owner can make all the changes necessary on a desktop or laptop computer, preview how the changes will appear on the sign, and then send out the revisions electronically. The new message appears right away. (more)

A Customized Reader Board Works Well in Any Setting

Like all other types of digital signage, a reader board is easy to update and to customize. Well-designed reader boards enable any business or organization—hotel, convention center, cruise ship or university—to provide guests with information that's both up-to-the minute and appropriate to the local audience. (more)

Selecting Software for Readerboard Signs

Readerboard signs provide a versatile and cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers. The clear, crisp, colorful displays of readerboard signs attract attention and create impressions that people remember. Some companies may be reluctant to use readerboard signs because they don't feel that they have the necessary skills to create effective and attractive signage. But with the right digital signage software, anyone with a basic knowledge of computers (and that's most people these days) can easily learn to design, update and schedule your signage. (more)

Portable Reader Boards Bring Communications Closer

Businesses that are accustomed to the benefits of digital signage in an office or retail setting may regret its loss when they have to make an off-site presentation or appear at some a convention or trade show. A portable reader board is an excellent solution to this problem, offering the same advantages as in-place digital signs while giving a business the ability to take its message on the road. (more)

Update Customers with a Pharmacy LED Sign

Providing information about medications is a vital service that a pharmacy provides to its customers. But if a pharmacist tried to give each customer the latest updates on product recalls, research studies and more, the lines at the pharmacy's register could stretch out the door. A well-placed and attractive digital sign can help a pharmacy fulfill its educational role while leaving the pharmacist free to concentrate on the important task of filling prescriptions. (more)

Surprise Customers with Outdoor Reader Board Signs

Contrast that to digital outdoor reader board signs. Not only can those signs change to count down the days before Christmas—a reminder that it's time to start shopping—they can also display a rotating display of gift suggestions. So as they wait for the bus, passengers may get a good idea of what to get for everyone on their gift lists, from Grandma to the family dog. A sign like that is sure to both surprise them and get their attention. (more)

LED Outdoor Signs: Varied Locations, Versatile Content

An outdoor LED display can be placed on a stadium wall, atop a taxicab, or over top of a newspaper kiosk. Digital signs are appearing over subway station entrances, on the sides of trolleys and transit company buses and even on bike racks and gas pumps. The digital displays showcase advertising messages and announcements that vary not only by location but also by time-of-day. (more)

Showcase Your Business with a Marquee Sign

But times have changed and today many more businesses are now using a different version of a marquee sign. But these signs have not been as eye-catching or as attention-getting as their predecessors. Whether the marquee sign was sitting in front of a store in a strip shopping center, mounted on the exterior of a restaurant or even perched on the roof of an auto mechanic's garage, it usually featured a white background, with black and sometimes red lettering (all in the same, one-size font) spelling out the message. Marquees had become boring. (more)

Create a Sense of Urgency with LED Scrolling Display

When businesses were limited to the use of traditional, static signage, they had very few ways to create a sense of urgency. Large lettering or bright colors could draw attention to the sign, but they still didn't communicate the idea of "This is what's happening right now, right at this moment." But today, using even a very basic LED scrolling display, businesses can bring that sense of immediacy to their communications. (more)

LED Reader Boards Serve Multiple Purposes

Only a decade ago, a hotel reader board might consist simply of a listing of the days' events printed out that morning on the facility’s copier. Some display boards might also include a layout of the hotel and/or a copy of its restaurant’s menu. Those boards provided the basics, but they were boring and easily forgotten or overlooked. Contrast that with today’s LED reader boards, which provide a great deal more information and generate a lot more interest from hotel guests. With its interactive features, a modern LED reader board draws people in and allows them to get all the details they need about an event, its location, and even about what’s going on in the outside world. (more)

LED Message Board: Are You Sending the Right Message?

Considering an investment in a LED message board or some other type of digital signage? Although the type of hardware that you buy is important, it’s even more essential that you get the right signage software. If you purchase software that’s too limited or too difficult to use you’re unlikely to get the best return on your investment. The messages on LED message boards won’t get updated as frequently as they should. You may find that the signs are not well designed, or that they do not take advantage of the full range of capabilities that digital signs offer (more)

Promotions Stand Out with a LED Marquee

Non-profit organizations often host events like art auctions or carnivals as fundraisers for the causes that they support. Since the goal is to bring in as much money as possible, they need to get the support of the general community. But small notices in the local newspaper or easily-overlooked conventional signs are no longer sufficient to spread the word. A better alternative is a LED marquee that announces the event. A digital sign will get the attention it deserves and bring in the paying guests. (more)

Increase Your Business’ Visibility with LED Display Boards

Businesses become successful because they know how to meet the needs of their target markets. But they won’t grow unless their prospective customers know about the products and services that they offer. LED display boards are an attractive, modern approach to providing that information. (more)

Replace Boring Signage with LED Boards

Suppose a building management company offers all its tenants LED boards for signs outside of their offices. The signs flanking the building’s daycare center would be bright with primary colors and large lettering, designed to appeal to younger audiences. An attorney’s office would undoubtedly choose a more formal conservative look, while a day spa might decide upon a casual, elegant appearance. The digital signs for the building’s restaurants and retail outlets could include images of mouth-watering menu items or luxurious products designed to entice customers inside. (more)

LED Billboards Allow Better Targeting for Advertisers

The needs and interests of a busy financial executive heading to work are very different from those of a harried mother taking children to pre-school or a retired couple on their way to an exercise class. But until the advent of LED billboards, advertisers never had the opportunity to deliver billboard messages specifically designed to attract the attention of each group. (more)

Guests Appreciate Hotel Reader Boards' Convenience

Although every hotel tries to provide personal assistance to its guests, there are times when the staff is working at capacity just to handle the demands of guests checking in or checking out. Hotel reader boards can help ensure that guests don’t have to wait in long lines when all they want is directions to a meeting room or information about the hotel restaurant’s hours of operations. (more)

Electronic Reader Boards: Small Space, Big Returns

In the hotel lobby, an attractive electronic reader board helps guests navigate through various guest areas, conference rooms, restaurants, and retail areas. It can provide them not only with information about the day’s events and where they’re being held but also with the kind of information that visitors like to have, such as updates on weather, news, sports, and traffic problems in the area. (more)

Electronic Message Display: One Sign for Many Purposes

Take an electronic message display in a large retail operation. The store may want to use the sign primarily as a wayfinding device, pointing shoppers in the right direction for shoes, men’s clothing, housewares, etc. But between the times it displays the store map and directory, the sign may also show brief advertisements for seasonal items, announce current and upcoming sales, and flash appropriate greetings for holidays. Instead of creating and installing multiple conventional signs, the store can get it all done with just one digital sign. (more)

Design Electronic Message Centers for Maximum Impact

Electronic message centers enable businesses and other organizations to communicate with all their audiences: customers or members, employees, and the general public. But the design of a message board may determine its effectiveness. A poorly conceived, overly-busy sign can actually detract from a message, while a well-designed sign leaves viewers with a positive impression and helps them remember what’s being communicated. (more)

Digital Signs Allow Easy Integration of Signage Symbols

At U.S. airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs, digital signs with universal signage symbols provide comforting wayfaring assistance for non-English speaking customers. Every traveler understands that the male/female symbols signal bathrooms, that the wheelchair symbol indicates accessibility for handicapped persons, and that a knife and fork show where people can buy food. (more)

Digital Signage Suppliers: Your Partners in Signs

Businesses that are making an investment in digital signs should understand the importance of choosing the right signage suppliers. A supplier should serve as a partner when companies are looking for hardware and software for their digital displays. A supplier should also serve as an advisor who can point out the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems that are available in the crowded digital screen marketplace. (more)

Questions About Digital Signage Installation

If you’re a company that already has a skilled tech team in place, you may be able to handle the integration of the signage software and hardware into your existing systems. But if you’re without that in-house expertise, you’ll want to know that you can rely on representatives from your digital sign vendor to be there in person to ensure that your signage installation goes smoothly. (more)

Digital Signage Examples Everywhere You Look

Stop by your neighborhood convenience store on your way to work and you’re sure to find several signage examples. There may be a deli kiosk where you place your breakfast sandwich order and an interactive lottery terminal where you can choose the numbers for your winning ticket. Before you leave, you can stop by the DVD rental box and use its touch screen to pick up a movie to view that night. As you drive to work, you’ll see digital signage examples everywhere—billboards, store signs, restaurants and even in road construction zones (more)

Use a PowerPoint Kiosk Will Enhance Customer Communications

Most businesses today use PowerPoint for in-house presentations, introducing a new product at a sales force meeting or highlighting the benefits of a product upgrade to their field service reps. But some companies have found a way to get additional mileage out of the valuable information that’s contained in those presentations. Using a PowerPoint kiosk, they provide their customers with the latest news about their products and services. (more)

Open Signage Should Excite and Intrigue

Space is limited on a standard open sign, reducing what you can convey to your customers. Most static signs provide only enough room for store hours and a logo. A digital open sign, however, allows for much more information to be shared. Suppose you operate a convenience store. With digital signage, you can post hours of operation but also have a running display of the specials of the week. (more)

Kiosk Systems Enhance Customer Communications

One of the biggest benefits of kiosks is that they are easy to keep current. Suppose a conference speaker had to cancel at the last minute. Before the advent of digital signs, someone would have to print out notices about the cancellation and then tack them up on the doors of the presentation room and conference bulletin boards along with a blast email to those registered for the event. Contrast that to a conference center using a digital kiosk system. A conference center employee could remotely broadcast the cancellation to conference information kiosks and relevant digital signs in the building. Conference-goers can then use any kiosk to search for alternatives to that workshop or presentation and get updated information on where the presentation will take place. (more)

Improve Customer Service Using Digital Shop Signage

Owners and managers of retail stores are facing a highly competitive environment. While customers continue to raise the bar in demanding outstanding customer service, proprietors are forced to keep staff payroll at minimal levels to keep their products competitively priced. One way stores meet this demand is with digital shop signage. (more)

Digital Fire Signage Provides Help to Building Occupants

People sometimes panic when a fire alarm sounds, forgetting everything they’ve learned about exiting a building quickly and calmly. What if there was an easy way to communicate with people after the fire alarm sounds? What if there was a way to calm them down and remind them of the steps to take to exit safely? Digital fire signage could provide that opportunity. (more)

Banish Boring Building Signage

Some of the world’s most famous digital building signage is on display every New Year’s Eve, serving as a backdrop as the ball in Times Square drops to signal the start of another year. Even outside of holidays, the huge digital sign demands attention from thousands of New Yorkers and tourists alike. (more)

Safety Signage for Businesses and Public Venues

Safety signage is a staple at myriads of public areas today. Swimming pools are riddled with "no running", "no diving", and "no lifeguard on duty signs". Public buildings display "no smoking" and "fire exit" signs. Warehouses and construction sites sport signs warning people of hazardous materials, forklifts in use, and the need for foot/head/eye/ear protection. Entertainment venues use slippery surface, first aid, and emergency phone signs. If you're considering what safety signs should be present at your venue or business location, take at the following considerations along with digital safety signage applications for your upcoming project. (more)

Understanding All Aspects of a Digital Signage Screen

Before you begin the process of implementing your digital signage system, a digital signage screen is liable to seem like a fairly simple purchase. Some business owners and managers may equate the buying decision with shopping for a commercial-grade TV. In the simplest terms, this may not be too far from the truth, but the back-end infrastructure and implementation of a signage project for an organization require more in-depth understanding than the average electronic sales associate can provide. From the technological specifications to the creative content to screen placement, how you choose, install, and manage a digital signage screen is paramount to the overall success of the system. (more)

The Interactive Kiosk: A New Standard for Businesses!

With more than a decade under its belt, the interactive kiosk can no longer be described as the latest fad or the newest technology, but it is still revolutionizing the American economy as more and more industries find applications for it. Many applications have become so widely implemented that they’ve become a standard for grocery stores, movie theaters, and banks among many others. From specific applications to larger market trends, here are some things to consider before planning out your kiosk system. (more)

The Components of a Kiosk Hardware System

Whether it's a self-service checkout, information display, wayfinding map, building directory, or ticketing booth, kiosks are becoming increasingly prominent in American business. Kiosk hardware is the front-facing portion of your kiosk presentation. Some essential kiosk hardware functions include ensuring that your stations are visually appealing, comfortable to operate, and outfitted to complete transactions relevant to your business model. Take a look at the following components of kiosk hardware to develop the best possible kiosk system for your business or organization. (more)

Digital Signage Integrators

Digital signage integrators are the professionals who help design, install, and implement a comprehensive signage system for organizations that need a turnkey digital signage solution. Integrators bring together all the separate components of a digital sign system, like digital screens, content design, software players, hardware players, and content management software to combine them into an overarching digital network. With this in mind, here's what else you should know about digital signage integration as you work to create a new system or improve an existing one. (more)

Business Signage vs. Other Types of Digital Signage

Business signage is the most common application for digital signage, but it's not the only one. More and more, the public sector, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations are realizing the potential of digital displays and kiosks that serve to bolster information technology, data management, and employee communication. The end result is more efficient and cost-effective public services. While private companies frequently value these same capabilities which improve their operational efficiency, business signage is also used for advertising, marketing, and branding which increase sales revenue. (more)

Digital Signage and Digital Sign Printing

Typically, digital signage refers to permanent signs, displays, and kiosks that broadcast digital content and are distinctive from digital sign printing. Yet, there are often effective ways and applications in which a business or organization may coordinate these two, seemingly separate, efforts. If you're just starting to tap into the possibilities of digital technology for your business—or just starting up the business itself—you should take a look at the following ways in which digital signs and digital sign printing are related. (more)

Creating Effective Outdoor Signage

Nearly every business or organization can find a palpable need for outdoor signage in one form or another. While indoor signs may be easier to install, there are limited venues and applications for these signs. There's the obvious use of storefront signs, building identifiers, and other signs that help customers and clients navigate your location. But billboards, banners, yard signs, and other exterior signs provide ample and distinctive advertising opportunities that may be too good for your organization to pass up. With this in mind, here are some things to consider to ensure that you're deploying effective outdoor signage. (more)

Digital Signage Hardware

Whether you're looking for a particular unit or a battery of hardware products for your digital signage system, whether you're trying to enhance your existing signage with a few hardware accessories or you're building a system from the ground up, this overview of digital signage hardware should set you on a reliable path to finding the right company, the right product, and the right installation service for your business or organization. (more)

Using Digital Technology for Your Event Signage

No matter how small or large your target audience or attendance goal, promoting your event is critical to its success. You can have the best food, the best speakers, the best entertainment, and the best seating in the world, but if nobody knows about your event, it's going to be a bust. Event signage is the totality of the displays—signs, web pages, billboards, and others—that get the word out about your event. With some smart planning, this information can include everything from details about the parking to the event's core message. (more)

Beware of Free Digital Signage Software

If you're creating a digital sign for fun to, say, warn the neighborhood about your dog or for personalized sign art in a spare room of the house, then by all means make use of as much free digital signage as you can from free digital signage software downloads to a hand-me-down LCD television. If you're involved in a serious business venture—and what business venture isn't?—then you would do well to avoid the narrower design and operating capacity, the overly complex interface, and/or the limited shelf life of free digital signage products, particularly free software downloads. As an additional warning, here are the most important dangers and who's at risk by opting for free digital signage software. (more)

Custom Signage for Digital Applications

Custom signage is a concept that can be applied in small or large doses. In at least one sense, nearly every digital sign customer wants a customized system that sets their company or organization apart from the rest—anything that has the potential of delivering a competitive advantage. Maybe it's the ability to control your signs from any Web-enabled device. Maybe it's sleeker-looking frame for a sign board display. Maybe it's screen saver software to go along with your desktop player. (more)

Web-Based Digital Signage Provides Quick User Access

Web-based digital signage is ideal for companies that want an easy way to manage their digital signs from multiple locations. It’s a good choice for companies that have large signage networks and also for companies that need to allow users in different locations to quickly change content and update sign schedules. (more)

Options for Digital Signage Content Creation

Organizations that are handling their own digital signage content creation will want to make sure that they have software that makes the task relatively easy. So first and foremost, they need to look for sign content creator software that’s user-friendly and that can be learned fairly quickly. The digital sign content software that’s easiest to learn and to use on a regular basis includes standard user interface design conventions, such as right click for menus and drag and drop capabilities. (more)

Enhancing Communications with Digital Sign Solutions

Looking for a way to communicate more effectively with customers, clients, employees, and others? Today’s digital signage solutions have a wide range of capabilities, running the gamut from basic message boards to sophisticated electronic kiosks that include streaming live video and interactive features. These choices allow businesses and other organizations to develop digital sign solutions that target their specific communications goals. (more)

Considerations When Choosing Software for Digital Signage

Four Winds Interactive offers digital sign software that covers all of these important aspects. All of FWi’s content manager and content player options are easy to use and flexible enough to meet your organization’s current and future needs. In addition, FWi software is compatible with most common file types, allowing you to easily incorporate your existing information into custom signage solutions. (more)

Digital Signage Products for Every Application

Take corporate offices. A company may use a digital signage product like a map and/or directory in its lobby, but how often does it include an interactive sign in the employee break room? In that location, a sign could be a source of information about company news and/or events taking place at that specific location as well as a training or education tool (flashing safety reminders or running short videos on the proper way to lift items, for example). (more)

Digital Signage Installation: Making the Process Easy

While it may seem that you should start the process looking at digital signage hardware, you might in fact, want to start by looking at your digital signage software options. The hardware is important, but over the long term it’s the software that will determine how easy it is to program and manage your digital signs. So if you want to have that digital signage installation go smoothly, take the time upfront to select the right digital signage software. (more)

Sports Signage: Make a Play for Fans’ Attention

Arena and stadium owners can use sports signage to display highlights of the game or player stats, to replay controversial calls and rally fans during crucial moments of the game. But digital signage can also be used concurrently to sell products and services—anything from hot dogs and beer at the refreshment concession to trips on a cruise ship with key team players and managers. As fans glance at the screen to get another glimpse of a play or to see the reaction of a player to a bad call, they’ll also notice the advertisement for a new truck that’s running right alongside it. (more)

Digital Signage PowerPoint: Leverage Your Data

Putting together a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation doesn't have to be difficult, but creating a presentation that's interesting, attractive, and informative can take hours of work. It's worth the effort, but it can be discouraging to think you've spent all that time for something that's only going to be seen once. (more)

Exciting Possibilities for Handicap Signage

Signage can serve not only people with special needs but also those without physical impairments. All the information that a business or other organization wants to communicate can be incorporated into one attractive sign that appeals to users. Digital handicap signage is easy to update, which is not the case with traditional handicap signage. By investing in the kinds of signage that can serve all users, companies will save money over the long run. (more)

Professional Signage Creates a Positive Image

Your organization probably spends countless hours considering its choice of logos, images, and other elements that help establish its identity. But how much time does it spend in selecting its professional signage? Just like stationery and business cards, the signage that a company selects should reflect the way that it wants to be perceived. Because of its flexibility, digital signage is an excellent way to reinforce a company's branding goals. When companies choose digital signage, they're opting for a medium that allows them to convey the most up-to-date information to their customers and the public. (more)

Choosing the Best Software for Your Signage Equipment

How do you plan to use your digital signage? Will you be using it to provide visitors with wayfinding assistance or information about speaker and room changes at a conference center? Will it have interactive elements, or be used only for display? How often will you want to update the signage? One of the benefits of digital signage is that it can be kept up-to-date with very little effort. (more)

Kiosk Management: Software Makes the Difference

Powered by the right software, your digital kiosk program becomes an integral part of your communications with customers. Through the use of digital kiosks, you can provide customers with everything from wayfinding assistance to details about products and services you or your tenants offer. The software that you're using for kiosk management has to be both easy to use and flexible enough to let you accomplish all your program goals. (more)

Develop a Digital Display Strategy for Your Business

In both the modern marketplace and workplace, the digital display is becoming more and more ubiquitous. There are billboards, window signs, digital maps, ticketing kiosks, ATMs, running tickers, menu boards, payment kiosks, virtual hotel concierges, casino games, marquees, checkout kiosks, digital menus, information boards, taxi meters, digital directories, and many other types of digital displays. Implementation costs are coming down, but it's the return on investment that's starting to really catch people's eyes. Between instant content changeovers and built-in flexibility of digital displays, more and more businesses are beginning to understand the impact they can have on the bottom line. Dingy menu boards that detract from a restaurant's ambiance and static signs that limit promotional strategies simply don't cut it anymore. As a business owner, manager, or executive, here's what you need to know concerning digital displays. (more)

Advice on Choosing a Digital Signage Display

A digital signage display is the front-facing, visual component of a digital signage system. Typically, the format of digital signage is defined by the need: Older kiosks use modified computer monitors; billboards use large-format electronic signage. No matter the form, there are several common choices that must be made for a company or organization to effectively deploy these signs. Combined with the software package that you choose, these choices are likely to determine whether or not your new advertising campaign, branding strategy, or communications infrastructure is ultimately a success. (more)

Electronic Display Boosts Audience Involvement

Whether you're a stadium owner that wants to get fans more fully involved in a game, a convention hotel that strives to keep guests updated with the latest information or a restaurant trying to attract diners, you'll find that an electronic display can go a long way to helping you attain your goal (more)

Retail Kiosks Provide Up-to-Date Information

Retail kiosks offer shopping centers, malls, and retail stores an effective way to service their customers and to boost sales. Many retail locations have had to cut back on staff during difficult economic times, often leaving customers frustrated because they can't get the information they need about products or services. Retail kiosks can help fill the gap and make those customers happy again. (more)

Generate Excitement with Window Signage

Have you ever noticed which store windows you're more likely to check out as you're walking down a street? They're not always the windows with the biggest signs, and maybe not even the stores with the most colorful signs. These days the only window signage that really stands out is animated and that means digital signs. (more)

Successfully Implementing Digital Kiosks

Kiosk used to be a term that used primarily to refer to vending machines, booths at the county and state fairs, lemonade stands, and other simple marketplace enclosures. Now, digital kiosks are usurping the term as these self-service stations continue to revolutionize the way companies and consumers do business. In fact, these kiosks aren't just becoming available in more places they're also starting to emerge as the preferred customer option. According to Networld Alliance's 2009 Self-Service Consumer Survey, 90 percent of respondents choose these kiosks "sometimes, usually, or always" when given the option between these self-service devices and full-service provided by a person, including 47 percent who chose kiosks "usually or always," a trend that's quickly rising. (more)

Display Signage. Understanding the Myths

Simply put, display signage is any sign which is primarily focused on a visual presentation and mode of communication. While some of these displays may employ text and verbal messaging, it generally does so only in an auxiliary capacity. What's more, this choice to focus on visual presentation is usually a conscious choice. Too much text can overwhelm any sign, but there are other, substantive reasons to downplay or eliminate this text altogether. Understanding these reasons and how to effectively implement display signage is an important marketing component for many businesses and organizations. It's also something that a business owner may already be doing and doing well without understanding exactly why or how. (more)

7 Ways Self-Service Kiosks are Transforming the Economy

Self-service kiosks have been around for decades, but only now with advanced software capabilities and standardized hardware units are U.S. businesses and consumers starting to understand the significant and permanent ways in which these automated machines are transforming the U.S. economy. (more)

How to Design a Digital, Building Directory Display

In one sense, a directory display is simply a visual presentation of a specific dataset. Without a context, these directories most commonly refer to computer directory files. As a digital software company, we've spent years working with these types of computer program directories. Most of our clients, however, have a very different context for understanding these displays. In their respective businesses, a directory display is most likely to represent a layout and map legend of buildings, business locations, and campuses. If you own or manage an office park, shopping mall, school/university, museum, corporate office, casino, hotel/hotel resort, convention center/conference venue, or a stadium/coliseum, here's what you need to know about digital signage technology and what it can mean for revolutionizing your current directory and display systems. (more)

The Educational Experience with Digital School Signs

Schools are arguably some of the most important institutions of our society. Education is not a luxury; it is a grave necessity, and it is important that students be given optimal conditions throughout their school experiences. The implementation of digital school signs is one way for them to provide students and faculty with the best, most efficient equipment to enhance each step of their school experience. This technology serves several purposes that are conducive to a highly effective learning environment. (more)

Upgrade Your Business with Digital Signs

It has long been standard practice for businesses of all types to employ the use of signage for various reasons. At the very least, they need it to mark their location and to specify their brand. But the best methods of yesterday do not always hold up over time. This is why digital business signs are quickly replacing older modes of communication and bulky signs with static displays of information are on their way out. Of course, making the switch to digital business signs is not done simply for the sake of staying modern and relevant. Business owners have found many other beneficial practical applications of these displays. (more)

The Appeal of Bill Payment Kiosks

Bill payment kiosks are valuable on several levels. When strategically placed in heavily trafficked locations, such as supermarkets and convenience stores, they are beneficial to both the payer and the payee. Implementing a system of bill payment kiosk systems will improve the health of your business and give your customers incentive to make easy regular payments. (more)

Hospitality Signage for Today's World

Among many who are suffering during the current economy, the hospitality industry is faced with a serious challenge. Consumers are adopting increasingly conservative attitudes towards luxury spending so it is crucial for businesses to find ways to go the extra mile for their clientele and stand out among competition. The implementation of creative and attractive hospitality signage is a tried and true way of keeping them coming back. (more)

Boot Out Boring Directory Signage

Imagine that you're a potential client entering the offices of a business for the first time. You initially get a favorable feeling about the ambience of the reception area, attractive materials and furnishings, cordial and efficient personnel. But then you catch a look at the office directory located over the main reception desk. Even with your limited knowledge of the company you can see that the information on the sign is outdated and that the sign itself looks like something that could have been put up circa 1950. You're less than impressed and can't help but wonder if this lack of attention to details is reflected in the company's work as well. (more)

Better Kiosk Application Software

If your business or organization has not gotten the results that it would like from a digital kiosk, maybe it's time to take a good look at your kiosk application software.Does the software you're currently using provide you with enough flexibility in design and control of the screens and menu options? Does it allow you to make use of information that you already have? Can screens and menus be changed easily? With the right kiosk application software, you will be able to develop kiosk screens and menus that are as simple or as complex as you (and your customers') desire. (more)

Successfully Implementing Digital Kiosks

Kiosk used to be a term that used primarily to refer to vending machines, booths at the county and state fairs, lemonade stands, and other simple marketplace enclosures. Now, digital kiosks are usurping the term as these self-service stations continue to revolutionize the way companies and consumers do business. In fact, these kiosks aren't just becoming available in more places they're also starting to emerge as the preferred customer option. According to Networld Alliance's 2009 Self-Service Consumer Survey, 90 percent of respondents choose these kiosks "sometimes, usually, or always" when given the option between these self-service devices and full-service provided by a person, including 47 percent who chose kiosks "usually or always," a trend that's quickly rising. (more)

7 Tips for Selecting a Kiosk Manufacturer

Whether you're looking to implement a ticketing kiosk for your business, start a photo booth or DVD vending company, use an information kiosk to communicate with clients, customers, and/or employees, take advantage of self-service kiosks to improve customer satisfaction and reduce queues and wait times, or some other strategy that requires these nifty machines, you'll need to choose a kiosk manufacturer to provide the units for your venture. To this end, here are some of the best things you can do and the most important factors to think about in order to make the best decision for your company or organization. (more)

Choosing Kiosks Manufacturers

When choosing kiosks, manufacturers are too often at the top of the list of factors that companies consider. A kiosk's manufacturer's brand name is not insignificant when choosing your hardware units, but it's rarely the decisive factor. There are dozens of reputable, high-quality manufacturers to choose from, just as there may be dozens of available kiosks from each of the manufacturers. (more)

Digital Signage System Can Serve Multiple Uses

A digital signage system provides an incredible amount of flexibility in your communications programs. With just a few well-placed signs, you’ll find that you’ve dramatically improved the information that your target audiences are receiving. (more)

Understanding Display Signage

Simply put, display signage is any sign which is primarily focused on a visual presentation and mode of communication. While some of these displays may employ text and verbal messaging, it generally does so only in an auxiliary capacity. What's more, this choice to focus on visual presentation is usually a conscious choice. Too much text can overwhelm any sign, but there are other, substantive reasons to downplay or eliminate this text altogether. Understanding these reasons and how to effectively implement display signage is an important marketing component for many businesses and organizations. (more)

How to Design a Digital, Building Directory Display

In one sense, a directory display is simply a visual presentation of a specific dataset. Without a context, these directories most commonly refer to computer directory files. As a digital software company, we've spent years working with these types of computer program directories. Most of our clients, however, have a very different context for understanding these displays. In their respective businesses, a directory display is most likely to represent a layout and map legend of buildings, business locations, and campuses. (more)

Is it Time to Make the Switch to Digital Menus?

As implementation gradually ramps up across the country, digital menus are showing time and time again that they represent the future of the restaurant industry. Increased sales and a smaller staff often demonstrably prove their return-on-investment value, including other "soft" benefits such as better customer/employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. What may, ultimately, cause the digital menus to catch on like wildfire, however, is new nutritional and display regulations embedded in the healthcare reform legislation. (more)

Digital Signage Applications That Will Benefit You

It is common practice in most industries to use and display some form of electronic signage. They are incredibly versatile and have a multitude of potential functions. However, many users are probably not aware of the full range of capabilities that this technology offers. There are indeed myriad digital signage applications and you should be sure that your signage system takes full advantage of its potential. (more)

Update Your Signage Kiosk Today

The kiosk is probably the most used digital signage technology today. Signage kiosk systems are often unremarkable because we are used to seeing out of date machines at everyday businesses such as banks and retail stores. But if you are currently using an outdated model of this technology or are thinking of the prospect for the first time, then you should know that a signage kiosk of today is far more appealing, and therefore more useful, than ever before. (more)

Digital Signage Kiosks in Business Today

The digital signage kiosk is not a new concept, but it is technology that is continually growing to fit the demands of the increasingly complex business world. Not just specific businesses but entire industries have implemented digital signage kiosks as tools to support and expand their viability. This technology is not only helpful to your customers but ensures your peace of mind as you offer them self-service. Kiosks are the best way to reach out and do business remotely while giving your customers an enhanced experience with your firm. (more)

The Dynamic Possibilities of Kiosk Touch Screens

As kiosks have increased the efficiency of many businesses, their capabilities have continually been improved and expanded. Kiosk touch screens are particularly useful components that can be customized and optimized for your needs. Sometimes this screen is the only face of your business that your clientele will see, so it's crucial that they leave a good first impression. (more)

Customize and Simplify With Touchscreen Kiosks

The use of kiosks has become a benchmark of many industries and they are essential business tools for kiosk owners and the consumers who use them. There are myriad uses for this indispensable technology and that is why they continue to become more prevalent and offer more varied services. Banks and their customers have come to rely on Automated Teller Machines, gamers love digital poker tables, and retail shoppers are accustomed to having the option of self-checkout. These and other types of electronic signage are already in heavy use and firmly established so it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the advertising power that kiosk marketing displays offer. (more)

The Benefits of Kiosk Marketing

The use of kiosks has become a benchmark of many industries and they are essential business tools for kiosk owners and the consumers who use them. There are myriad uses for this indispensable technology and that is why they continue to become more prevalent and offer more varied services. Banks and their customers have come to rely on Automated Teller Machines, gamers love digital poker tables, and retail shoppers are accustomed to having the option of self-checkout. These and other types of electronic signage are already in heavy use and firmly established so it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the advertising power that kiosk marketing displays offer. (more)

Kiosk Development for Owners & Managers

Kiosk development is a term used primarily within the digital signage industry for the comprehensive process of building and implementing kiosk systems. Yet, in spite of the nuts-and-bolts construction of kiosk hardware and the 1s and 0s of software engineering, there is another type of kiosk development that speaks more to average business owners, executives, and managers. This process is about choosing the right kiosk unit and the right software programs which meet your business needs. To do this, you don't need insider information or extensive knowledge of technical jargon. So long as you have a vision for what your business needs and can find kiosk companies willing to listen and find solutions to meet these needs, you'll have no trouble implementing a smart kiosk system. (more)

Menu Display Ideas

A menu display is any presentation of your bill-of-fare including over-counter menu boards, window menu advertisements, table menu signs, easel-mounted displays in waiting areas, and wall-mounted displays along waiting lines. Restaurants with counter service may use a menu display as the primary presentation of their bill-of-fare. In contrast, restaurants with table service typically use these displays to augment their menu book. (more)

Choosing Menu Signs for Your Restaurant

Most restaurants use menu signs in one form or another. Also known as menu boards, these signs can fulfill a number of purposes including 1) clearly displaying the bill-of-fare in an organized manner, 2) informing customers of prices, 3) menu item descriptions that can identify conflicts with a customer's allergies, diet restrictions, and preferences, and 4) making your items appear as enticing as possible. Rarely does a restaurant find advantage in waiting till customers are seated before presenting some information about the menu. Yet, there are a number of different ways of approaching this preliminary menu presentation. Take a look at these ideas and what they can do for your restaurant. (more)

How to Choose Your Kiosk Software

You don't have to be a tech-savvy business owner or executive to know how to choose kiosk software that will serve your company well. In an increasingly digital and self-service marketplace, you need to know that your kiosks are running smoothly without constantly checking up on them. Part of this process is investing in high-quality, first-run kiosks from a reliable manufacturer. More often than not, however, it's top-notch software that guarantees your kiosk system is secure, reliable, and attractive for customers to use. What's more, there's no need to get into the weeds of technical language to understand what you're looking for and how to find it. Here's what you need to know to choose your kiosk software. (more)

Top Ideas for Digital Advertising Signs

A lot of business owners, company executives, and department heads are intrigued by the buzz, statistics, and descriptions of digital signs and how they can be incorporated into their yearly advertising budget or the next, big ad campaign. Here are some top ideas to help put substance to this intrigue, as you move forward with new opportunities in this exciting media. Some of these ideas suggest specific types of digital advertising signs and how they can be best applied. (more)

Innovations for Digital Signage Advertising

As a savvy business owner or company executive, you're probably aware of the connection between advertising and consumer demand on a macro-level. As consumers begin to open up their pocketbooks and spend again, businesses must use advertising campaigns to reach out to these emerging consumers. In their most recent Digital Year in Review, ComScore—an industry-leading source for digital marketing intelligence—put it this way: "The critical question is whether or not the economy will see sustained increases in consumer demand, which is necessary to drive continued growth in the digital advertising sector." Needless to say, not all industries are seeing the same level of economic recovery. Some industries are even "recession-proof" with largely consistent consumer demand year-in and year-out. If your industry forecast sees an increase in revenues for the upcoming year, it's important that you get your digital signage advertising in place early to position your company to capture a larger piece of this consumer spending increase. (more)

Touch Kiosk. More than Just ATM's

When the personal computer became a widespread cultural phenomenon, businesses and other organizations almost immediately recognized the potential of implementing this technology in the public marketplace. At the same time, obvious obstacles needed to be overcome for this technology to be effectively deployed. Cyber-security was a key element so users wouldn't have to worry about their information becoming accessible to subsequent users. Hardware durability and construction was another issue as the general public was unlikely to take it easy on equipment they didn't own; even something as fundamental as seating presented a problem. (more)

Electronic Signage. The Difference Between Electronic & Digital

Electronic signage is any type of sign—typically for the purposes of advertising, company branding, information broadcasting, or internal communication—that uses an illuminant media for its display. Fluorescent signs, LED signs, neon signs, and high intensity display (HID) signs are all types of electronic signage. Billboards which use top-lit lamps for illumination or back-lit menu boards common in many restaurants are not electronic signs. That said, there is also an important sub-category within electronic signage between illuminant signs that are, nevertheless, static in their presentation and those signs that allow for less permanent, modifiable content capabilities. (more)

Let Your Indoor Signage Leave a Lasting Impression

Have you ever watched a kid in one of those museums that have interactive exhibits? They love to explore by pushing buttons and making choices. When children have stepped away from the museum exhibits, there are usually adults waiting to take their places. We never really outgrow that need to experience our environment through the sense of touch. So why not take advantage of that instinct when you're planning your indoor signage program? (more)

Generate Interest with the Right Kiosk Designs

Interactive digital kiosks have been a boon to building managers and owners in every industry: corporate, healthcare, education, retail, dining, events, and much more. They can provide event information and real-time updates, directions, other wayfinding assistance, and marketing and advertising opportunities for building tenants. To maximize the effectiveness of the messages they're providing, however, the kiosks' design should be geared to their potential audiences. (more)

Demand Attention with Digital Display Advertising

If you're an advertising manager who's come up with a unique way to market your company's offerings, you want to be able to use every available method to persuade and entice your customers. When you decide to incorporate digital advertising displays as part of your marketing program, you don't want to hear what can't be accomplished with the digital signage software that you currently have. (more)

Electronic Kiosks Provide Better Customer Service

Kiosks can provide a friendly welcome for visitors coming to an office building or to a retail outlet for the first time. Generations raised on video games love the multi-media, interactive nature of electronic kiosks, but even people fearful of technology are soon won over when they discover how easy-to-use and helpful the kiosks can be. (more)

Understanding Kiosk Systems

A generation ago, people were accustomed to receiving one-way communications from businesses or organizations. Fast forward a few decades and you have a very different customer base, people used to almost constant two-way communication. The consumers who grew up in the age of Twitter and Facebook and text-messaging expect interaction from friends and from businesses and organizations they have a relationship with. (more)

Digital Wayfinding Makes Customers Feel Welcome

Every successful business makes customer care a priority. So when customers come onto their premises, these businesses understand that helping them feel comfortable in an unknown environment is a top priority. That's why so many businesses and organizations today are using wayfinding kiosks to guide visitors to their destinations. (more)

Touch Screen Kiosk Software: Empower Your Signage

Companies looking for the most compelling method of communicating with customers, clients and employees should place interactive kiosks high on their list of possibilities. Touch screen signage engages as it informs, drawing people into information-seeking activities by appealing to a basic human instinct to touch and to explore. (more)

Why Your Company Needs Digital Outdoor Signs

How do we know your company needs digital outdoor signs? Because every company needs them. Okay, that's an exaggeration but not by much. Digital outdoor signs are not just for casinos, movie theaters, banks, retail stores, and gas stations. They're also for places of worship, medical clinics, hardware stores, essentially any company with a storefront. (more)

Digital Menu Boards Work for Any Restaurant!

Whether you've noticed a decline in customer satisfaction, stalled employee productivity, stubbornly long lines, or you simply recognize the need to modernize your restaurant, it's time you took a serious look at digital menu boards. The benefits are many, while the investment is easy to justify. From inferior visual displays to slow content transitions, traditional backlit menu boards are a burden on both day-to-day operations and the overall appearance of your restaurant (more)

Get the Most out of Your Touch Screen Kiosks

Many business owners and executives have exhaustively hammered out a list of potential benefits associated with touch screen kiosks. Unfortunately, many of these decision-makers also wait too long to implement these increasingly indispensable assets for their companies due to an outdated perception that it will take too much time and too much hassle, while creating too much risk to make for a wise business investment. (more)

Interactive Kiosks in the Information Age

Interactive kiosks are an invaluable component of today's Information Age. The ability to efficiently and repeatedly convey information to employees and patrons, current clients and prospective customers is directly tied to your company's ability to grow and sustain its business. In general, signage technology is no longer just the "cutting edge." It's also the most cost-effective infrastructure for many businesses in industries that span the economy. (more)

Digital Kiosk Technologies, Versatility Unmatched.

Many digital kiosk technologies are established in everyday life to the point that we have come to rely on them. For instance the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a type of kiosk that has become an indispensable tool for banks and their customers. However, there are myriad other ways to institute digital kiosk technologies to ease the flow of various everyday operations. (more)

How Digital Store Signs Will Work for You

In today's increasingly competitive business climate, it is essential for store owners to make their store stand out in the crowd and to enhance the experience of customers after they enter. Virtually all stores use signage for various purposes such as to signify their location, display their prices, and display new inventory items. These are only a few of many ways that stores benefit from and depend on the use of signage. (more)

Easy Digital Signage is Within Reach

Perhaps you or your company has postponed implementation of digital signage technology because of the daunting proposition of learning an entirely new system. This is understandable because often there is simply not enough time to spend learning unfamiliar hardware and software. The thought of training employees to understand the system and the potentially indefinite amount of time dealing with unforeseen problems and issues may kill your project before it even begins. (more)

Examining Used Digital Signs

Digital signage has become the standard means of transmitting up to date information efficiently, quickly, and with eye-catching tractable graphic displays. Successful businesses have generally upgraded to signage due to its proven results in applications such as advertising, brand building, and enhanced customer experience. However, even successful businesses have been stung by the recent economic downturn, so it stands to reason that there is a certain amount of used digital signs lying around. (more)

Kiosk Systems. Understanding the Folklore.

A kiosk can be any structure set apart and designated as serving a particular use. Booths at the state fair could be called a kiosk, so could the neighborhood ice cream truck, vending machine, and box office. Kiosk systems, however, generally connote a more advanced, often automated station. Digital screens boost the advertising and marketing value of the kiosk booths. Interactive capabilities eliminate the need for labor costs associated with manned stations. (more)

Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital outdoor advertising is second only to Internet ads as the fastest growing segment of advertising industry. And there's plenty of slack to pick up from other, declining forms of advertising. Newspaper circulation is in the middle of a prolonged and, in all likelihood, permanent decline. TV commercials may not be dying, but TiVo, DVR, on-demand programming, and Internet TV are enabling more and more people to circumvent these commercials. (more)

Kiosk Information Systems for Your Organization

Without context, kiosk information systems are most aptly described as the multitude of digital hardware and software capabilities that allow for the efficient and automated dissemination of information to an intended audience. As an individual business owner, company executive, non-profit director, or head of a governmental agency who is interested in what one of these systems has to offer your specific enterprise; however, this description is more likely to cause your eyes to roll and your attention to waver. (more)

ADA Signage. Accessibility, Compliance, & Uses

To comply with the regulations laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act, venues must often install ADA signage that follows into two distinct categories. In one form, these signs are used to inform patrons of the availability of accessible amenities and facilities. In other words, it's often not enough to provide accessible restroom facilities; buildings must also clearly identify these restrooms as accessible by posting a sign that displays the international symbol of accessibility. (more)

Creating Effective Signs with Digital Signage Design

New technology and innovation are transforming the signage industry, but effective signage design is still as important as ever. Though digital screens allow for ever-changing presentations and interactive touch screens allow for new applications, you can't ignore the basic tenets of advertising. If they fail to grab your audience's attention or they fail to convey a clear and memorable message, your signs have no hope for success no matter how snazzy your display looks or how versatile and convenient content management is to operate. (more)

Break Out of the Ordinary with a Kiosk Directory

As a rule, building directories are pretty boring. Think of the typical directory sign: small white letters on a black background, often difficult to read and usually even harder (or more time-consuming) to update. Now imagine replacing that boring black and white directory with a colorful, animated, interactive digital kiosk directory. Installing a digital information kiosk opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for building owners and tenants alike. (more)

Use Custom Kiosks to Impress Customers

Whether they're clients of a high-end brokerage, shoppers at a mid-level retailer or patients coming in for a medical consultation, people appreciate a personal touch. But in today's economy most companies are finding that it's not economically feasible to have someone stationed in a lobby or entranceway to greet every new arrival and provide directions to their destination. (more)

Digital Display Signs Demand Attention

Companies that want to cut through the clutter of information overload have a powerful tool at their disposal—digital display signs.It's not hard for consumers to block out static signs. Even the most well-designed and eye-catching poster or advertisement can become boring after someone has seen it 10 or 20 times. (more)

Questions to Ask About Your Digital Signage Program

Are you getting everything that you can out of your digital signage program? Has your investment paid off as you expected? If you're not satisfied with the results that you've achieved so far, it may not be the digital signs themselves that are at fault. It could be the software that is controlling your signage program is lacking. (more)

Multimedia Kiosks Increase Customer Interactions

Retail businesses can use informational kiosks not only to get customers into the store, but also to encourage them to stay. Multimedia kiosks positioned at a store's entrances can inform customers about special sales, new products and in-store services. Interactive kiosks increase customers' interest by allowing them to use menus to find products and services they're interested in, and to get specific directions to where they're located in the store. (more)

The New Promise and Possibilities of 3D Signage

Let us know if you've heard this one before: 3D technology is going to revolutionize the way we watch television and movies; it's going to revolutionize the gaming industry; it's going to revolutionize the way companies do business, especially the way they advertise their products and services. If you're a long-time business owner or if you're video game, cinema, or television buff, you may have been hearing these theories since the 1950s when cardboard cutout glasses had one blue lens and red lens. (more)

Digital Signage Narrowcasting

Digital signage narrowcasting is the use of digital signs, billboards, kiosks, etc. to accomplish the dissemination of information to narrowly defined audiences. Second only to the Internet, electronic signage has been a leading medium for narrowcasting over the last decade. Indeed, the versatility that digital sign technology creates for advertising makes for a natural pairing. Even within signage, there are multiple advertising avenues to choose from and many better for some applications than others. (more)

Narrowcasting in a Global Economy

Narrowcasting is the dissemination of information to a select target audience. It's perhaps easiest to understand this term through its opposite—broadcasting—in which information is transmitted to the general public. Cable television is narrowcast; analog or terrestrial television is broadcast. Satellite radio is narrowcast; public radio is broadcast. For many businesses, however, narrowcasting is most important as a new paradigm of advertising products and services in a global economy and through new forms of media. (more)

The Importance of Public Kiosk Software

Public kiosks serve essential functions for many businesses and the software that drives them must be capable of supporting frequent or even non-stop use. Additionally, many kiosks are used for business transactions that require customers to enter sensitive personal information. These factors must to be considered when choosing the ideal public kiosk software for your company. (more)

Digital Signs for Businesses and Schools

Today's successful businesses and top schools have found ways to communicate with and serve their patrons and employees efficiently without sacrificing the quality of their products and services. One way that savvy companies have achieved this has been to continue to monitor and make use of the best available technology. Digital signs for business have proven to be useful and dynamic in their capabilities and their uses similarly satisfy the needs of universities and other schools. (more)

Advertising Signage

As advertising is the most common application for the immense signage industry, advertising signage is a huge and diverse phenomenon used by the biggest corporations and the smallest businesses, the public sector and the private sector, individual enterprise and local communities. It includes on-site advertising and remote location advertising. It includes permanent installations, temporary postings, and rotating displays. (more)

New, Digital Forms of Retail Signage

From storefront signs and window displays to digital screens and shopping kiosks, retail signage is currently undergoing a digital transformation. The most immediate benefits are obvious as they pertain to digital signage in essentially any application for any industry. Each time you want to increase the mark-down of your merchandise, each time you want to advertise seasonal items or a buy-one-get-one-at-half-price deal, you can simply update your software program to display the new promotion. No longer will you need a pile of miscellaneous signs. (more)

Applications for the Information Kiosk Touch Screen

More than technology for technology's sake, the information kiosk touch screen is an avenue to create an interactive experience. Another catchphrase, an interactive experience is not principally about the amusement of the user or impressing consumers with your fancy gadgets, it's about the efficient give-and-take of information. (more)

Grading Digital Signage Systems on the CURV

There are many ways to measure the quality and effectiveness of different digital signage systems. None of them are scientific. None of them are perfect. And yet, the best systems do share many of the same qualities with each other. Looking at the digital signage industry and the many businesses and organizations that this industry serves, we've identified four of the principal qualities you should look at when choosing the right system for your business or organization. (more)

Designing an Effective Menu Board

In many ways, designing an effective menu board is no different than other forms of commercial signage. First and foremost, you want a display that is both visually appealing and easy-to-read. Font size and style are of the utmost importance. Adequate spacing and surrounding environs must also be considered to avoid a jumbled, hard-to-follow presentation. (more)

The Three Steps that Make for Effective Signage

Whether it's a storefront sign, billboard display, or information board, what makes for effective signage boils down to three key critical factors that largely determine the overall success of your signs. First, you need to get people to look at your sign. Second, you need to convey your message with a clear, easily read sign display. Third, you need to implement a sign strategy that is cost-effective over the long-run. (more)

Digital Welcome Signage: An Invitation That's Hard to Resist

When visitors enter a building, it's flattering to see a welcome to their company displayed on a digital sign in a lobby. The inclusion of their names on a daily calendar of events lets them know that their presence is important to the company; someone took the time and the effort to make sure they were mentioned. Digital welcome signage can help set the tone for the rest of the day by giving visitors a positive initial impression of the company. (more)

Multimedia Digital Signage Entices and Informs

Have you ever watched pedestrians on a busy street and noticed how little attention they pay to static signs and billboards? Unless they are actively looking for a certain store or restaurant, their eyes quickly pass over even the most eye-catching signs. After a few trips down the same street, they don't even see them anymore. It's a different story, however, with multimedia digital signage. (more)

Dynamical Digital Signage Software Impacts Program Success

Digital signage is an increasingly important tool for businesses and organizations that need to provide information and wayfinding assistance to customers and other visitors. Unless that signage happens to be controlled by the right dynamic digital signage software, however, companies may not be getting the best return on their signage investment. (more)

Keep Advertising Fresh with Digital Billboard Signs

Digital billboard signs stand out in any venue. Whether you're informing diners about menu changes and specials at a restaurant, promoting to fans the upcoming home stand at an arena or telling casino players about the latest big win at the slots, colorful, animated digital signage billboards will get their attention amid all the distractions. (more)

Menu Display Boards Provide Competitive Edge

Even with a slightly improving economy in some areas, consumers are being choosier than ever when it comes to spending their money. So to bring patrons in, restaurants must find ways to make their food offerings stand out. Menu display boards provide the perfect solution. (more)

The Information Kiosk for Both the Public and Private Sector

In some sense, an information kiosk can be almost anything. Most universities have pre-authorized locations throughout campus with message boards for organizations to post information. In some neighborhoods, you might be able to call the telephone pole on your street corner an information kiosk, as people plaster it with notices of missing pets, weekend yard sales, even upcoming show dates for a local band. (more)

An Introduction to Different Types of Signage Boards

Signage boards are liable to mean a number of different things depending on who you talk to. For the restaurant manager, the term most likely means menu boards that provide an easy reference to the bill of fare. For a business undergoing a major expansion, it most likely refers to a billboard campaign aimed toward branding and name recognition. For a playhouse or old-fashioned theater, it's most likely the marquee and movie posters for upcoming show times. (more)

The Potential of the Bill Payment Kiosk for Financial Services

Thirty or so years after the ATM revolutionized the banking industry, other automated kiosks are poised to do the same for industries across the economy. The bill payment kiosk is the latest automated service that's starting to see mass implementation, with integrated kiosks that offer a variety of financial services close behind. From utility companies to credit card companies, from money transfer service companies to community banks, any number of businesses need to know about the opportunities afforded by these new interactive kiosks. (more)

How to Design the Best Restaurant Menu Boards

Few things are so important to a restaurant's overall success as the initial presentation of the menu. Not everybody who walks through the front door has made up his or her mind about whether or not to place an order. As such, well-designed restaurant menu boards are liable to be the difference between a new customer and lost revenue, between closing the doors and expanding to a new location. But how do you know whether you're getting all you can from your menu boards? (more)

Menu Boards and Other Digital Menu Software Applications

Digital menu software is a revolution for restaurants still using outdated back-lit menus, slotted labels, and other manually-adjusted menu displays. Even tried-and-true table menus are struggling to maintain their superiority over new digital versions. Specifically, digital menu software makes your restaurant more versatile and easier to manage in ways that directly lower labor costs and/or increase productivity. (more)

Tips and Strategies for Billboard Signage

As with most ad strategies that target a wide audience, billboard signage is a high-risk, high-reward proposition. Specifically, while billboards will be seen by thousands of people each day, the time you have to capture your audience's attention is also foreshortened. On the other hand, billboard ads are also among the most cost-effective strategies you have at your disposal. Depending on the area, you might be able to buy a month-long ad campaign on a dozen or more billboards for the same price as a one-time, full-page news ad. (more)

The Digital Billboard: An Advertising Revolution

Some municipalities are trying to ban billboards outright, from the concern that they're too distracting for drivers. Yet, the evidence suggests this isn't a concern. According to a survey conducted from Opinion Research Corporation, eighty percent of adults in this country believe digital billboards aid motorists in receiving important information, along with a comparable majority who are opposed to banning them. (more)

Traditional & New Forms of Tactile Signage

Tactile signage is any sign that uses raised characters or other tactile sensations to convey the contents of a sign. This category includes stately plaques with beautifully carved characters, Braille signs, and other three-dimensional and tactile methods of conveying information. Businesses employ these tactile signs at their locations for a number of different reasons. (more)

Digital Arena Signage Informs and Entertains

No matter why people come to an arena'a basketball game, an ice show, a circus or a rock concert—they come with one goal in mind: to be entertained. It can sometimes be difficult to get people in that mindset to pay attention to important directional, safety and informational messages. (more)

Entice Customers with Menu Boards for Restaurants

Put yourself in the place of a hungry mall shopper anxious to get off her feet and refuel or an office worker with a limited lunch hour looking for a place to get a satisfying meal. When you're tired, hungry and have only a little time, would you be drawn to a restaurant that displayed its printed menu on the windows, where you have to fight the crowds to read it? (more)

Electronic Menus Help Boost Profits

The advent of digital signage for restaurants—electronic menu boards—has provided restaurant owners and managers with greater flexibility in menu offerings and pricing. And that can equate to more profit. (more)

Get the Most out of Lighted Menu Boards for Your Restaurant

Lighted menu boards are not exactly new, but they've seen several enhancements over the years. Whether you're opening a new restaurant or renovating an existing location, you probably already recognize the advantages of lighted menu boards. Yet, without understanding the different types and applications for these menu boards, you can't hope to get the most out of this critically important component. (more)

Digital Signage Player Software

When looking at digital signage player software, it's easy to jump to the increased capabilities of these programs. Indeed, our software capabilities are certainly a considerable upgrade from what you now have on your computer. For many businesses, however, the real benefit is enhanced reliability. (more)

An Introduction to Digital Signage Players

Whether it's a software program or a separate piece of hardware, a digital signage player is the backbone of most digital signage systems. Between the content your team produces and the screens that present this content to customers, clients, or employees is the digital signage player. (more)

What Table Signage Has to Offer Your Business

As digital signage becomes more widely accepted by consumers and more widely implemented by businesses, the applications are expanding exponentially. After outdoor signs, kiosks, menu boards, one of the first areas these digital signage developers targeted was digital table signs. (more)

Different Types of Interactive Signage for Your Business

If you've just started looking at what interactive signage is capable of doing for your business, we can show the many possibilities now available. Or, if you've already brainstormed through the most promising ideas, we're ready to jumpstart the process of implementing a superior, cost-effective interactive signage system. (more)

Informing and Intriguing Kiosk Solutions

Whether it's an office building, a retail mall or a busy restaurant, new visitors can often pause on the threshold of a new place to get a feeling for what's inside. They look around for some means of orienting themselves to the building and to find what they are looking for. This is the exact moment and perfect space for a digital kiosk solution. (more)

Spice Up Your Communications with Signage Graphics

When you’ve made the investment in digital signage, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the most benefit from it. Moving and flashing words on a digital sign can certainly attract attention, but to make the biggest impact you’ll want to include interesting, compelling digital sign graphics. (more)

Health Kiosks Well-Adapted to Changing World of Medical Care

Even an economy that seems to walking in cement, health care stands out as a constantly changing, dynamic field. To keep abreast of changes in the medical field, hospitals frequently build and renovate space, moving physicians and even entire departments to new and/or temporary locations. Hospitals and other health care facilities can help guide patients and their family members through this ever-changing environment with the use of informational health kiosks. (more)

Important Trends and Statistics for the Self-Service Kiosk

Very few in the business community still doubt the importance the self-service kiosk will play in the next year, the next decade, and beyond. Sure, the kiosk technology itself may see major changes, possibly to the point where we no longer consider the devices "kiosks". But the idea that self-service options will be rejected by consumers who will continue, on a large scale, to crave a more human-to-human interaction has been demonstrably dispelled. (more)

Impress Guests with Interactive Hotel Signage

Hotel signage plays a key role in a hotel's branding. From the minute that your guests enter a hotel lobby, they instantly form impressions about the quality of their accommodations from the wayfinding and other communications that guide them through the building and keep them updated on events. (more)

Use a Vending Kiosk to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Looking for a way to increase sales in your retail or food outlet? A vending kiosk can help by providing your customers with a new opportunity of obtaining information about your products and with another means of placing an order for them. (more)

Illuminated Signage Outshines Competing Messages

Even on a sunny day, there’s something compelling about brightly lit signage that grabs people’s attention. And when that illuminated signage is digital, and also contains changing graphics and moving text, it’s almost impossible for passers-by not to pause and read it. (more)

The Many Uses and Advantages of the Wayfinding Kiosk

A wayfinding kiosk is simply that—a kiosk device that helps people find their way. It has many applications, more than most people realize in fact. Wayfinding devices and technology can be used to help people find a particular piece of merchandise in a store or a particular store within a shopping mall. They can help people orient themselves in a building with many floors and winding hallways or plot the best course and use of public transportation from one side of a major metropolitan area to another. (more)

Signage Lettering: Choose Carefully for Biggest Impact

The ability to create more compelling and more interesting signs is an important factor in many businesses’ decision to make the switch from standard to digital signs. Digital signage opens up not only the type of graphic images that they can include in their signs but also a whole new range of signage lettering. (more)

Computer Kiosks Appearing in Unexpected Places

Computer kiosks, once a relatively rare sight in our everyday world, are now ubiquitous, turning up in locations from grocery stores to libraries to employee break rooms. The more businesses and organizations use these kiosks, the more they realize how such kiosks can save them time and provide valuable services. (more)

Checklist for Choosing Software for Kiosks

If your business or organization is considering the use of digital kiosks to fill a customer service need, it’s essential that you fully investigate not only the kiosk hardware but also the software that you’ll use to program and mange it. Whether you’re looking for vending, concierge, or internet kiosk software, there are some questions that you should be asking about it before you buy. (more)

Different Types of Park Signage

Like so many terms in the digital signage industry, "park signage" is likely to mean very different things to different people. In particular, there is a stark contrast between business owners and investors, who are likely seeking information related to theme/amusement/water parks, etc., and public officials, who are likely seeking advice about how signs can better serve the public in national, state, and local public parks. With this in mind, here are some of the most important considerations and priorities for each type of park signage. (more)

Kiosk Cost Estimates and Price Quotes

Unlike many individual consumers who run to the lowest price tags, both commercial, and government clients typically seek out the most cost-effective prices with the best long-term value. This doesn't mean, however, that "how much does it cost?" isn't one of the first questions asked when implementing a system of kiosks. If you're one of these clients, you may be looking for general information and advice in preparation for surveying the various kiosk cost estimates you'll receive from relevant hardware and software companies. (more)

Dynamic Digital Signage

From digital media to signage solutions to narrowcasting, the digital sign industry has its fair share of ambiguous and/or esoteric terminology, and dynamic digital signage is no exception. Various companies have marketed their products, services, and system capabilities as dynamic. As a result, the term has become something of a buzz word for an industry that can't quite decide what exactly the term should mean. (more)

Traditional vs. Digital Banner Signage

Traditionally, banners are made from materials—typically vinyl, cloth, or paper—that can be rolled up like a poster, allowing for easy installation and removal. But as you've no doubt guessed, we've come a long way from the days in which businesses and organizations would commonly hand-stencil their banner signs. (more)

LCD Digital Signage

LCD digital signage is simply any digital sign or signs that use liquid crystal displays. These displays are a staple for businesses that crave the benefits of versatile digital sign networks, while also working to cap the investment expenditure needed to get a comprehensive system up and running. We have all the information, services, and software products you need for LCD digital signage, whether you're looking to compare LCD with other types of digital display technology or you're looking to implement a new system for your business or organization. (more)

Rough Guide for Estimating Your Digital Signage Cost

When estimating signage cost, quoting specific numbers is generally not a good idea. There are simply too many variables. Do you need two signs? Twenty? Two hundred? Will the screens be 20 inches wide, 40 inches, 80 inches? Will all the displays show the same content or will each one show something different? Will the content change every fifteen minutes, every day, every week, every month? Will you develop original content on an ongoing basis or do you already have all the content you need? Each of these answers will likely affect the final cost outlay. (more)

Businesses Discover Multiple Uses for Kiosk Computers

Any organization that’s looking for an effective way to provide one-on-one, personalized interactions with customers should consider the possibilities and benefits of using kiosk computers. (more)

Four Questions to Ask When Choosing Kiosk Technology

Digital kiosks are built in many forms to serve many specialized purposes. But despite their surface differences, there’s one thing that all digital kiosks have in common: the need for dynamic kiosk technology to power them. Software is a key component of that technology. (more)

Considering Digital Signages? The Possibilities Are Endless

It seems like every type of organization today is looking into the communications opportunities offered by digital signages. Electronic signs are appearing in various shapes and forms in every location, from small retailers to large college campuses, from one-story manufacturing plants to multi-storied office buildings. (more)

Exploring Options in a Kiosk Purchase

Are you thinking about making a digital kiosk purchase? As you go through the process of researching and pricing various options, remember that the kiosk hardware is only part of the equation. The software you choose to power your digital kiosk may be more important in determining your ultimate satisfaction with your kiosk purchase than the hardware. (more)

Launch Better Communications with Digital Boat Signage

After making a big splash in land-based markets, digital signs are now creating waves in water transportation. Ships of all sizes are incorporating digital boat signage into their passenger communications programs. (more)

A Computer LED Sign Light Up Information Programs

When a company installs any kind of signage, it’s hoping to provide some important information to customers, employees, and perhaps the general public. But static, standard signage is extremely limited in accomplishing this mission. It is difficult to update, expensive to maintain and often gets lost in a crowded visual landscape. That’s why so many companies today are using digital signage—like a computer LED sign—to get their messages out. (more)

Your Products with Custom Lighted Signs

Companies that use traditional signage for displaying their products aren’t intentionally keeping their customers in the dark. But when you compare an unlit conventional sign to an electronic custom lighted sign, it’s clear that businesses that use light have a big advantage when it comes to showcasing what they sell. (more)

Digital Directional Signage Fills Many Needs

Directional signage has progressed a long way from the days when an arrow on a signpost pointed the way to the next town. With today’s digital signage options, the possibilities are endless. (more)

Stay Open to the Possibilities of Digital Door Signage

Door signs have come a long way from the simple plaques that read "Open" on one side and "Closed" on the other. Thanks to the advent of digital signs, door signage is a lot more interesting and a lot more informative. (more)

Electronic Billboards Demand Attention

Can you name the advertisers on the billboards you passed on the way to work today? Chances are that if you even looked at those billboards when they first went up they’ve long become just another part of the scenery, and you don’t even see them anymore. (more)

Electronic Church Signs Bring Communities Together

Church congregations look for ways of connecting the members of their church communities with each other and for a means of connecting with members of the community at large. Electronic church signs can assist with both those efforts. (more)

Electronic Displays Pique Customer Interest

Imagine that you’re wandering the floors of a huge convention center, hurrying down long corridors in a busy hospital or standing in a long line at the bank. Chances are good that your eyes will be drawn to electronic displays. (more)

Showcase Your Message with an Electronic Marquee

Marquee signs were once used almost exclusively by theaters and similar venues to create a sense of excitement and to attract patrons to a show or a performance. Today many organizations try to build interest for their own events by using an electronic marquee for announcements. (more)

Energize Communications with Electronic Message Boards

An electronic message board takes customer communications to a whole new level. Does your business currently advertise its daily specials with a boring, easily-overlooked, static sign? Think of how many more people will notice your offering if you use a bright, colorful digital display that features animation and scrolling messages. (more)

Understanding Digital Display Solutions

Digital display solutions are the ways in which the new generation of signage companies use digital technology and software programs to expand the functionality and value of business and commercial signage. More than choosing just the color, dimensions, and text of your signage, digital display solutions allow businesses to choose the capacity of the sign itself—from high-definition screens to a catalogue of software applications and features that best fit the needs of your business or organization. (more)

Paper Signage vs. the Digital Display System

A digital display system is composed of the various hardware and software components that deliver and broadcast digital content to target audiences. In recent years, this digital technology has been streamlined for better cost-effectiveness without losing any of its features or capabilities. The benefits of a digital display system have also become widely accepted in industries and markets throughout the economy. The ability to continually update the content of sign displays has been a boon to businesses with vital information and communication needs. (more)

Digital Lobby Signs for Your Guests

Hotels, resorts, convention centers, corporate offices, condo/apartment complexes, and other buildings typically have lobbies that serve as the nerve center for visitors, guests, and residents. Digital lobby signage is critical for increasing guest satisfaction, directing foot traffic, and reducing the crush of building and event inquiries. Important in forming initial impressions, the lobby is also the first and best chance to orient guests and visitors to the layout of the building and the location of its various rooms and amenities. (more)

Different Types of Digital Display Software

Digital display software is often responsible for much more than just delivering basic information to your digital screens. Modern software programs import content from other software platforms and programs, reliably update display information from live data feeds, and use interactive features to use input from increasingly tech-savvy audiences. Industry-leading digital signage companies have also developed software applications with capabilities tailored for specific business needs and markets. (more)

Digital Display Board Software

Some customers, clients, managers, and owners see snazzy digital displays and think their primary benefits are the flashy lights and/or the high screen resolution. In truth, the hardware components are merely cosmetic improvements, compared to the versatility offered by the software that runs these information boards. Some system capabilities are available through any digital display board software, such as changing or updating the display content over and over again. (more)

Digital Restaurant Menu Board

Digital restaurant menu boards took off from the very moment they hit the market, and they haven't looked back. Other markets were more timid about introducing digital displays, but restaurant managers know few things are as important as the way that the bill-of-fare is presented to customers. A clear, crisp presentation enables diners to quickly find and order their preferred dish, increasing both customer satisfaction and turnover. Visually appealing displays create up-sell and add-on opportunities, help manage inventory, and boost the profile and clientele of the restaurant. (more)

Versatile Digital Reader Boards for the Workplace

The easiest way to determine the value of digital reader boards is to compare them to traditional reader boards. Paper-based boards have to be manually updated, whereas digital reader boards allow managers to continually and effortlessly change the content display. Compared to sloppy handwriting, tedious letter cutouts, and hard-to-read computer printouts, digital displays are easy on the eyes. These two benefits alone are nothing to scoff at. Giving time back to managers for other tasks creates a more smoothly operating workplace. (more)

Keep Guests at the Tables with Digital Signage for Casinos

An industry-leader in digital signage for casinos since inception, FWi has served both big and small-name clients. We've handled projects for clients on the Vegas Strip, a resort casino in the Colorado mountains, an Indian-heritage casino in the Kansas heartland, among many others. With several dedicated software applications, we can implement a comprehensive signage solution for property or a supporting system for your pre-existing gaming stations. (more)

Digital Signage for Hotels

A growing trend for a number of years, digital signage for hotels is currently seeing a transition with this technology becoming less of a selling point and more of an industry standard. This transition has come about as this digital technology has proven itself as a boost to guest services and a solid asset for improving operational efficiency. (more)

Digital Signage for Hospitals

Digital signage for hospitals is improving the patient experience, creating a safer workplace environment, and reducing the paperwork load for staff members. To achieve the best results, it's important to implement a system that's designed for the specific environs of your hospital, medical clinic, or healthcare network. When this is accomplished, patients and visitors will return a higher satisfaction rate for the hospital and lead healthier lives through better health education. (more)

Bank Digital Signage Rates High for Customer Satisfaction

Living in the digital age, your customers have become accustomed to having their questions answered instantaneously. A quick entry in the Google search engine can yield almost any information that they want about current market rates or about the differences between IRAs and 401(k) savings plans. They expect that same kind of quick response when they come into your banking offices. Banking digital signage can help you fill that need. (more)

Getting the Best Digital Signage Isn't Always Complicated

The best digital signage enables a business to deliver a targeted message to a specific audience or audiences. It allows a company to present important information about its products and services in an attractive and compelling format. (more)

Five Ways to Identify the Best Digital Signage Software

When you’re starting or upgrading a signage program, you’ll get the greatest return on your investment when you purchase the best digital signage software available. Here are some questions to ask when you’re considering all your software options: (more)

Business Digital Signage Can Enhance Your Bottom Line

Companies looking for a competitive advantage in this tough economic climate sometimes overlook a useful tool: business digital signs. Business digital signage can serve a variety of purposes in an office, retail or manufacturing setting. (more)

Call Center Digital Signage Encourages Efficiency

No matter what purpose your call center serves—sales, service or a combination of both—your operations will run more smoothly and more efficiently when you employ call center digital signage. Digital signage in a call center can display real time metrics that let managers and CSRs constantly gauge performance and make necessary adjustments to keep customer waiting times to a minimum. (more)

Computer Reader Boards Add New Customer Experience

A reader board in hotel or company lobbies used to be fairly straightforward—and fairly boring. Options for displaying information about the day’s events were limited; businesses might change the font size or font color of the lettering on the signs, maybe add a few pictures to dress it up, but there was nothing that made these signs stand out from any other sign. Now computer reader boards have changed that scenario. (more)

Improve Employee Communications with a Corporate Information Board

It’s ironic but true—in an era when everyone is constantly connected to the information grid via smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and other digital devices, it can be harder than ever to keep your employees informed about what’s going on in the company. Traditional printed company newsletters simply don’t get read. Company email messages can get lost among the dozens that employees receive and send out each day. (more)

Digital Advertising Software Provides Valuable Data

Digital billboards, menu boards, and other digital signage products have opened up the world of advertising to a whole new range of possibilities. But it takes the right digital advertising software package to enable advertisers to take full advantage of those expanded capabilities. (more)

Serve Customers More Effectively with a Digital Call Center Sign

Whether a company’s call center is taking orders, processing returns or fielding complaints and repair requests, a customer’s experience with it will color their perceptions of that company and influence their buying decisions in the future. So it’s important that customers get served as quickly and as efficiently as possible when they call in for assistance. Digital call center signage can help companies achieve that goal. (more)

Highlight Your Chef’s Best Creations on a Digital Display Menu

People love to look at food. Ask them about their favorite television chef and you’re liable to get a description of what a recent favorite meal looked like. Ask them about their favorite cookbook, and if it’s close by they’ll likely grab it and open it to the photos of some of the recipes that they’ve tried. Hungry people like the visual stimulus—so when you’re trying to entice them into your restaurant, there’s nothing that works as well as a digital display menu with mouth-watering pictures of your chef’s signature pieces. (more)

Digital Signage for Real Estate

Digital signage for real estate is just now coming into its own. As this digital technology has revolutionized the restaurant, hospitality, gaming, and banking industries, more markets are starting to take notice. Any industry that deals with information technology and dynamic communication with customers/clients stands to benefit from digital signs and real estate is no exception. Take a look at some of the software and services that Four Winds Interactive (FWi) has to offer your firm. (more)

Real Estate Digital Signage

Real estate digital signage is one of most underrated markets for this digital technology. Obviously, people skills will always be a central part of success for an agent or broker in the housing market, but the ability to organize and present information in a user-friendly way has never been so important. New generation software programs have the ability to bring the full capabilities of the office on property visits and house calls like never before. (more)

Different Types of Signage for Cruise Ships

The best signage for cruise ships is about much more than just a few well-placed signs. This signage must function as a daily communication system that directs foot traffic, announces job assignments to staff, and informs guests about desired services and amenities. This requires a balancing act that is tougher than it first appears: As a miniaturized, self-contained community, organization and order is at a premium on a cruise ship. As a luxury resort, this same environment is supposed to evoke a convenient and carefree ambiance. (more)

Digital Signage for Cruise Ships

Digital signage for cruise ships is a necessary asset for cruise lines that wish to offer competitive, cost-effective guest services. By helping your guests navigate through the ship and by clearly displaying information about the ship, its services, and entertainment programming, the burden on the hospitality staff is substantially reduced. This leads to better overall services at less operational cost. (more)

Digital Signage for Restaurants

Digital signage for restaurants is an increasingly important asset for establishments that wish to maintain their competitive edge. The superior image quality and versatile content management delivers a number of different, easily achieved benefits. Some of these benefits are soft returns such as enhancing the ambiance of the interior and boosting its reputation as a clean, reliable food vendor. Other benefits show hard returns that easily justify the extra expense of digital signs. (more)

Digital Signs for Hospitals

Digital signs for hospitals have become an invaluable resource for the healthcare industry. From improving patient care, staff relations, and visitors' experience to increasing revenues and operational efficiency, there's almost no part of the hospital that won't benefit from smartly designed, well-placed digital displays. Comprehensive signage systems will require an upfront investment, but the returns easily justify the expense. Fortunately, while nearly every branch of public sector is facing cutbacks to combat state budget deficits, federal health reform has established funds for the implementation of information technology. This includes digital signs for hospitals. (more)

Interior Wayfinding Signage

Interior wayfinding signage is a resource that helps visitors find their way around inside buildings and other enclosed areas. Removed from the sun and other exterior landmarks, navigation in interior spaces presents a unique challenge. Winding, maze-like hallways can quickly get a person turned around, but an intuitive interior design often corresponds to lackluster exteriors. Digital signs and kiosks are overcoming this difficulty by providing instant orientation, detailed mapping, and printable, step-by-step directions at convention locations throughout the building. (more)

Digital Signs for Hotels

Digital signs for hotels have become an indispensable tool for hospitality services. Your staff may have a personal touch and amenable demeanor, but electronic signage offer convenient access to any type of guest information. From weather and world news to the location of Conference Room B and the nearest Thai restaurant, FWi's digital software can triage content from any number of different sources and then organize and present this information to guests in a way that is easy to find and understand. (more)

Hotel Digital Signs and Software Applications

Hotel digital signs are improving the guest experience for many hospitality venues without raising operational costs—the proverbial music-to-the-ears of hotel owners and managers. From better eye-catching displays to more control over content management and lower operating costs, hotel digital signs touch and improve almost every area of guest communication and information technology. While it's hard to go wrong with new digital signage, it's important to implement a system that fits your hotel space and amenities. Hotel digital signs can be placed in the lobby and in common hospitality areas. (more)

Building Lobby Digital Signage

Lobby digital signage is a great way to show customers and guests what services are available and where destinations are located throughout a building or larger facility. As many buildings see a huge amount of foot traffic each day, lobby attendants are not a practical or cost-effective solution. Yet, traditional paper signage fails to grab people's attention and, unlike digital signs, has a very limited capacity to broadcast information. (more)

Restaurant Digital Signage

Though most restaurants still use a range of paper signage and traditional menu offerings, many of these businesses have discovered that their restaurant digital signage has been an invaluable asset. By allowing for an easy and instant changeover of their menu offerings, digital boards have transformed their promotional strategies, helped manage uncertain inventories, increase sales revenue, even improved their operational efficiency. (more)

Wayfinding Digital Software

A lot of businesses that consider deploying digital signs wonder first about how successful this technology has been within their industry. This is a good question to ask, no doubt, but businesses should also consider what software applications have been most useful to their clients, and why. A poorly-conceived digital signage solution has little chance of living up to its promise, whereas a well-conceived system can buck the conventional wisdom of industries that have shunned digital signage technology up to this point. (more)

Showcase Events with Digital Meeting Room Signage

Hotels or convention centers that host several events at one time want to ensure that their all of their guests reach the right meeting rooms. Colorful and compelling digital meeting room signage is one way to ensure that they arrive at their destination. (more)

Designing Your Digital Menu Display

You’ve decided to stay a step ahead of your competitors and make the investment in digital menu displays for your restaurant. But now you’re faced with an important task—designing your digital menus to provide the best possible customer experience. (more)

Digital Signage Application Designed for Your Business

Have you been looking around for a signage solution to your particular business need? Although there are many creative uses of digital signs in today’s marketplace, maybe you haven’t yet found an existing digital signage application that hits all the right points for you. (more)

A Great Guest Experience with a Digital Signage Directory

Put yourself in the place of a visitor to a large office complex, who enters the building running a little late and feeling pressured for time. Her relief at having finally reached her destination disappears when she is confronted by a huge directory listing 100 or more professional offices in each building. When she finally finds the right listing, all she has to guide her to the right office is a small, wall-mounted map that’s difficult to see and even more difficult to interpret. Even if her appointment is important, she may be tempted to turn around and walk away. (more)

Digital Signage for Airports Keeps Passengers Informed

Most air travelers are very familiar with the digital signs that keep them informed about the latest flight arrivals and departures. Usually these signs are located high overhead and display nothing but gate numbers, arrival, and departure times and brief notes about flight status. But there’s a lot more that can be incorporated into digital signage for airports, including wayfinding assistance and information about the various services and retail outlets offered in the airport itself. (more)

Attract Customers with Digital Signage for Banking

Banking remains a competitive business despite the many mergers and consolidations that have taken place in the banking industry. Today’s banking customers, still smarting from recession woes, are scrutinizing their relationships with their current banks more closely than ever before, and regarding other institutions with some suspicion. Banks that want to thrive in this environment need to communicate more effectively, and employing digital signage for banks is one way to accomplish this. (more)

Digital Signage for Churches Promotes Ministries

Most churches have dual audiences for their messages. They want to stay in close communication with their own members while reaching out to the community at large. It can be hard to achieve both goals through traditional church signage. But digital signage for churches opens up many new opportunities to reach diverse groups within the church and within the larger community. (more)

Locate Library Resources with Digital Signage for Libraries

Even people who use the library frequently can be overwhelmed by the task of finding a particular book, CD, or magazine among its collections. In addition to the normal stacks, many libraries now have special sections for new books, bestsellers, large type books, CD books and special areas for genres such as science fiction, biography, and romance. And that doesn’t even address the other choices in media, including music CDs, movies and instructional films on DVDs, and even video games. (more)

Build School Spirit with Digital Signage for High Schools

It can be hard to develop a sense of community when high schools are serving student populations of 1,000 or more. But digital signage for high schools can help build a more cohesive student body by improving communications throughout the high school campus. (more)

Electronic Signs Keep Owners Ahead of Their Competition

Businesses that are still using standard signage to promote their products and services are starting to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Electronic sign boards and other types of signage provide a much greater degree of flexibility in content—and allow a much greater degree of attention-getting creativity—than any standard sign. (more)