Contact Center Digital Signage

Contact Center Digital Signage

Real-time communication is essential in contact centers, and nothing matches the ability of a media-rich digital sign to convey vital information instantly. When agents and managers are aware of real-time queue statistics, they can modify their behavior in order to achieve higher productivity and efficiency. Contact center digital signage uses a large-format LCD or plasma screen to provide high-impact communication that creates instant awareness and inspires informed action to enhance your key performance indicators.

Show real-time operational metrics along with dynamic multimedia content to your agents and managers like never before thanks to a seamless integration between Inova Lightlink® and Four Winds Interactive (FWi) Content Manager. FWi Content Manager provides native support for commonly-used file types – including Microsoft®, PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Excel®, Adobe® Flash and Adobe® PDF files – so you can easily incorporate your existing content into your signs. When you make changes to the file, your signs will automatically update, saving you time and resources when deploying your content.

At the core of the contact center digital signage system is Inova LightLink® software that aggregates and displays critical contact center information in real-time. LightLink connects to the systems already running in your centers, such as your ACD, CTI and workforce management system, and funnels that sea of data into information that is focused, relevant and actionable.

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What You’ll See with Enhanced Digital Signage 

  • Display data in multiple ways: Display real-time data from any system in your center on your FWi signs with LightLink. Add messaging and choose from a variety of charts, gauges and grids to communicate your metrics in the most effective way possible. Our software package delivers critical information as it’s happening with the stunning impact that only large-screen displays can provide.
  • Integration with multiple file types: Easily incorporate existing files into your signs, including native support for Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Flash, Adobe PDF files and more. If you know how to use these programs, you can start using FWi Content Manager with no extra learning curve. Even better, changes made to these files will automatically update in your signs in real-time.
  • Intuitive user interface: Quickly create and edit your signs with an intuitive user interface. FWi Content Manager automatically scales content, such as images, videos and PowerPoint presentations, to fit the region you place it in. You can also display websites, in whole or in part, by designating the area to display in your sign.
  • Comprehensive scheduling tools: Use a simple scheduling tool, similar to Microsoft® Outlook®, to schedule signs and messages minutes, hours, days, weeks, even years, in advance. Refer to the schedule to see what signs are playing and edit the schedule as you see fit.
  • Large-scale system management: FWi has deployed thousands of LCD displays around the world and many of their customers have systems that successfully manage hundreds of signs. If you have a large contact center or you’re deploying digital signage company-wide, FWi and Inova make it easy to manage; with security and administration features to match.
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