Conference Center Digital Signage

Macon Centerplex Digital Display

With over 140,000 sq. ft of total meeting space, seating for 9,000+, and a modern business center, the Macon Centerplex is Georgia's largest event facility outside of the metro-Atlanta area. Along with the various lodging services and amenities in the adjoining Marriott-Macon City Center, the Centreplex's business center, elegant lobbies, concessions, and impeccable service make it one of the most convenient and effective convention venues out there. As such, Four Winds Interactive (FWi) was proud to implement the Macon Centreplex digital signage system, which serves to enhance this reputation as a hassle-free, service-oriented venue.

The Macon Centreplex Digital Signage Project
The Macon Centreplex is divided into three sections: the auditorium, the coliseum, and the convention. This convention center, built in 1996, is the newest addition to the Macon Centreplex. Although digital signs have an almost endless number of custom applications, the benefits associated with group meetings and conference spaces made it ideal for this conference center. And the Macon Conference Center digital signage network is available to the other areas of the Centreplex. Indeed, the coliseum is connected to convention to accommodate larger groups that need more floor space than 102,000 sq. ft. convention provides.

The Macon Centreplex digital signage is the perfect signage solution for an event center that bills itself as "a state of-the-art facility with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a major metropolitan market, and, yet, free from the many hassles a major market often creates." From finding out what's going on in the Centreplex and navigating through its exhibit halls, meeting rooms, and conference areas to locating various points of interest in the surrounding area, the Macon Centreplex digital menu is the perfect complement to the facility's modern amenities.

Macon Centreplex Digital Signage, Guest Services, and Event Signage
The conference center was interested in a wayfinding and event list solution that they could control from one central Content Manager located in the hotel. With FWi's digital display solution, you can build a signage network that ranges from one to thousands of signs and still control the entire network from one centralized location. The wayfinding and data integration features of the FWi software are popular features for convention centers and make output to digital signs an intuitive process. Best of all, this wayfinding service reduces guest inquiries and general confusion, allowing hotel staff to focus their time and energy and other guest services.

And in terms of hosting a successful event, business conference, or industry tradeshow, exhibitor services may be just as critical as guest services. The Macon Centreplex digital signage system greatly reduces the burden of sign management on the Event Operations Department, giving these staff members more time to focus on exhibitor signage implementation and other event details.

FWi and Event Signage
Four Winds Interactive has done a number of different signage projects for both convention centers and other event venues. Our versatile software products work for weddings, industry tradeshows, and all manner of social and business gatherings. But we also take the time to learn what's most important to your business so we can design and implement a solution that addresses these needs. Along with event signage, we're well-versed in signage for the gaming, hospitality, corporate, financial, and education industries, among others. To learn more about what our software can do for your enterprise, to set up a time to demo our software, or to develop a custom price quote based on your specific project, please feel free to Contact Us.