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Casino digital signage is much, much more than the bright lights many people associate with casinos. New generation kiosk software has revolutionized slot machines, video poker, and other gaming favorites. With user-friendly 3D mapping displays, multi-story casino floors can be easily navigated. Digital software also allows table signs and slot toppers to change their display information on an automated schedule. But like most technology, the best systems are the ones that players hardly notice until they're needed and which perform reliably for casino managers day-in and day-out. Consider the following features and implementation tips to determine if your casino can benefit from casino digital signage.

Gaming Digital Signage and Keeping Players on the Floor
Your casino is probably designed to encourage players to stay on the floor for long periods of time, but the end goal is still to keep them playing. With smartly implemented gaming digital signage, the casino "maze" can, nevertheless, allow players to easily navigate to their preferred games or tables. Interactive wayfinding stations will quickly show your loyal players the location of their favorite games and update them on their player club status. Digital signs will clearly present casino game information and further help guide players through the casino. All in all, the most underappreciated quality of gaming digital signage is the ability to create more efficient gaming activity without detracting from the traditional trappings of the casino floor. And what's more, intuitive integration with your back-end systems provides you with one centralized solution to control the bulk of your visual communication.

What Casino Digital Signage Can Do

  • Guide players to preferred games
  • Integrate with your player rewards system
  • Show table game status
  • Display poker room wait lists
  • Advertise on outdoor marquees
  • Notify guests of jackpot winners
  • Display restaurant menus

Where Casino Digital Signage Can Go

  • Table game areas
  • Slot toppers & end caps
  • Lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Players club designated areas
  • Poker rooms
  • Concierge areas
  • Conference & convention space
  • Guest room TV

Four Winds Interactive and Casino Digital Signage
From slot toppers and table signs to floor directories, casino digital signage gives you the power to control the majority of your visual communication through one interface. FWi's digital communication tool gives you the power to organize all of your content in one system making it simple to update your messaging at a moment's notice. With FWi you have the knowledge of a company that has done the implementations for some of the largest gaming digital signage projects in the world.

Getting Started
From large, sprawling casino floors to multi-story gaming environs to more intimate casino resorts, Four Winds Interactive has the experience and expertise to help you devise the ideal system for your casino. If you have questions about how our software can fit the needs of your casino, if you would like to set up a time to demo our products, or if you would like us to develop a custom price quote that reflects your project specifications, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Casino Digital Signage Examples


  • Table game signs
  • Progressive slots
  • Slot toppers & End caps
  • Casino floor wayfinding
  • Player rewards integration
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Outdoor Marquees
  • Jackpot Notifications
  • In-house amenity promotion

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