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FWi's Digital Readerboards Inform Customers and Boost Profits

FWi’s Readerboard application gives organizations a compelling digital alternative to traditional, static signage. Organizations seeking new and innovative ways to reach their audiences find that a digital readerboard offers flexibility and savings they never could have achieved through traditional, printed displays.

FWi’s Readerboard application does everything for organizations that conventional signage does and much more. Organizations can take control of their messaging and make information accessible to the appropriate audience nearly instantly. With sophisticated back-end data integration, FWi’s Readerboard application gives organizations the flexibility to use their current data sources for instant output on their digital displays. Airports and transportation hubs can display real-time airline arrival and departure information including changes, delays and cancellations. Retail outlets can share hot promotions and sales with their customers. Hotels can display property maps and event listings. Companies can display employee birthdays, sales and production numbers and more through FWi’s Readerboard application.

What are the Benefits of FWi's Readerboard Application?

  • Pull instant updates through your signage, allowing for endless display possibilities
  • Benefit from a variety of displayable content formats, from Microsoft Office files to Flash video
  • Include streaming RSS updates for automatic retrieval of weather, news and other data over the Internet
  • Manage your signage through any web-enabled device
  • Seamless integrate with your internal databases for effective, easy leveraging of systems you use daily

If you have questions about how our digital signage software can fit your business needs or would like to set up a time to demo our digital signage software, please feel free to Contact Us for a Live Demo.

Readerboard Examples

What our clients are saying:

"FWi was fantastic from start to finish! The Hilton Atlanta had just completed a multi-million dollar renovation & the final touch was installing the interactive touch screen readerboards. The FWi team handled everything including the layout & design of the templates, piecing together all of the interactive elements of the readerboards, and completing the on-site installation. The entire experience was seamless."

Benjamin Fireman, Director of Events & Catering, Hilton Atlanta