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FWi's Jackpots Application Motivates Players to Stay and Play

FWi’s Jackpots application enhances the gaming experience through exciting celebratory graphics and motion content. The real-time jackpot announcements on your digital signage stimulate other players and support the energy on the gaming floor. As a result, other players stick around in hopes that they will be the next winner.

FWi’s Jackpots application offers casino operators new opportunities to share the experience of winning across the gaming floor in an effective, visually stimulating format. What’s more, unique backgrounds, motion graphics and advertisements can be displayed on a pre-scheduled basis or at a moment’s notice. The Jackpots application can be managed remotely or over a local network.

What are the Benefits of FWi's Jackpot Celebrations Application?

  • Enhance the player experience on the casino floor
  • Build excitement on the casino floor
  • Create an atmosphere that motivates players to play or stay longer

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Jackpots Examples

About FWi's Digital Gaming Signage:

"FWi has installed hundreds of digital signs at gaming properties around the world. We know that great digital signage helps drive revenue by keeping players on the casino floor. We also recognize that gaming customers need a single software platform to manage all the diverse applications, including wayfinding, progressives, player club kiosk, hotel and conference center signage. This is why more and more casinos work with FWi to establish a centralized, flexible and powerful solution that meets all of their complex and diverse needs."

Charlie Miller, Director, Enterprise Implementations, Four Winds Interactive

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